Hi Divine! First of, can I just say that meeting you and getting to interview you for Preview’s Best Dressed right at your home was and still is an honor. You’re gorgeous, humble and very real—a rarity in the glitzy world you’re moving in.

Submitting this out of all our many fasyon/fierce photos because we’re a loveteam who likes your loveteam with Victor Basa. I’ve met him too when I was writing for Meg and he was starting out as a model and it seems apart from his success, not much has changed from his unassuming demeanor. 🙂 Ang haba na! Basta you two make a great couple and I thought we’d submit something along that. <3 God bless!

D: OMG! I saw your blog. You guys look sooo cute! Gosh, I hope I can do more shoots with Vic. We always end up laughing kasi eh! We can work as individuals but when they put us together na..hala.. Tawa na kami ng tawa. So we always look funny in our pictures. Mas-ok pa when we were just friends, we would work together and our shoots look ok. Ngayon we can’t na talaga! haha! I usually laugh at him when he;s doing his ZOOLANDER Blue steel and ganun din sya.

Send more pics! You guys are adorable!

Much love,