I found the cutest thing for the IPAD!

D ba? the iGUY is a convo topic! parang tv na your ipad!

What i like about the iGuy is that keri sya na pang-Ipad 1 or 2!

Aside from being cute, it’s a free-standing foam case for your ipad!

It is being retailed for Php 1,450.00

check out http://www.speckproducts.com/iguy-for-ipad-2.html

Ang cute!

Best in bagsak kasi ako ng gamit that’s why important ang case for me. Yung cellphone ko nga gusto na nakawin ni V and Jake para palitan ng case dahil sira sira na. So bongga toh kasi it will protect my TECHY props. hahah!

Buy your own here!

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