From the church, everyone headed to SOFITEL for the reception. I dunno if dahil ba nag-pari si V sa May Bukas Pa… but ang lakas namin kay BRO! The day was perfect and sunny!

So while everyone was doing cocktails. Super bantay akitch sa bride as we changed her hairdo, and refreshed her mukup. It was also perfect because Mango Red was able to catch the sunset for the photos… I’m so guilty of making singit. May mga couple photos din kami ni V (I love the photos of Mango Red so hindi ko talaga pinanlampas ang chance!).

I’ve been getting messages about weddings and being a maid of honor so rather than being emotera for this post (sa next na yun..humanda kayo), I will just give you some tips on how to be the best Maid of Honor in the whole wide world (oh d ba, ganun ka bongga!).

1. Remember you are the shock absorber. – Yes, lahat ng problema ikaw ang in charge. No matter how small (like yung isang guest butas ang straw ng drink and you had to look for a waiter to change it) or big (like yung Host mukhang ma-stranded sa BORA!). IKAW ANG GAGAWA NG PARAAN. SO make sure you are in touch with everything. Have the wedding coordinator talk to you so you can shield your bride from stress.

2. Carry a bridal survival kit- Candy, Water, sewing kit, lipstick, tissue, powder, cellphone, perfume, safety pins, ballpen, headache medicine and cellphone! In short, ikaw ang walking 7-11.

3. Know everyone’s numbers- photog, hotel manager in charge, coordinator, bride, groom, suking tindahan, at lahat lahat pa. Actually, I would suggest na maging feelingera kayo and join all the meetings so you know exactly what deliverables to expect from suppliers.

4. Have a schedule – We all had a schedule so that everything will start on time. Nakalagay dun when the bride should eat snacks in between make-up, when we should leave the hotel, time for refresh of make-up. In short, very military precision!

5. EAT! – Florence forgot to eat before the church. Nagpakafeeling bride so nahilo ang loka! Feed everyone but don’t forget to feed yourself! You need all the energy.

6. BRIDE’s MAID or MAID of Honor….- Means, YAYA ka ng bride. Yes, accept nyo na yan. You have to make sure she’s ok all the time. Eyyfort ka na, the bride will most likely be shy to make utos so magpa-bibo ka na. It’s good that Wya got 2 maids of honor because we were able to split the job. You also have to take care of the guests. A successful wedding means happy guests also! During the party, I had to take care of the bride while Flo entertained all the guests. Bitbit ko yung sapatos ng bride, helped her all night, up to inakay ko paakyat ng room nya 🙂

7. Help entire entourage and families- Yes, alam ko workchung ng coordinator toh, but you have to think that you know the entourage and families better. You have to make sure they are ok all the time. Make the entourage feel their importance too. They were handpicked by the couple and that means a lot. During Wya’s church ceremony, Flo and I asked for the bridesmaids’ help because during the lighting of the unity candle- nahihilo pa si Flo and i was in a coughing frenzy. The bridesmaids had to help to help the bride walk around. DELEGATE! Kung d nyo kaya, have someone do it. Kailangan parin may tutulong sa bride. As for the family, Flo was so successful in making both families comfy with each other. By the end of the night, they were doing dance offs, joint photos …in short ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY.

8. Pre-events.- Yes, it’s your job to organize the bachelorette’s, bridal shower and all. Make sure to invite all the closest friends and entourage! Make it fun and original! Make it memorable.

9. Post events and after party- Kayo yung magiisip kung san napunta yung gifts, yung cake, yung giveaways ba napamigay? Even settling bills (kawawa naman yung bride if in the middle of her party may nangongolecta na supplier. Discuss this before hand, maybe the bride can give you or the coordinator the checks already). Usually you have the wedding coordinator to do this. But better sure than sorry.

10. ENJOY THE DAY/NIGHT! – A wedding is all about love. Love of the couple and love of family and friends. There is no better day to show your friend how much her happiness means to you…. 🙂 ITODO MO NA GURL!

The boys and cocktails (yes, mahangin kaya ALFALFA ang hairdo ni V)

Baywalk beauties!


Waiting for the bride to finish her retouch in the holding room.

Maraming feelingera that day…. Feeling bride number 1.

Feeling bride number 2 – Pam and Doj. Well, may karapatan sya kasi kasal talaga nya sa November!


Pinaka feeling bride! CHARINA sARTE! haha!

Look at V’s face! hahaha!

Rajo and Arnold

Rajo working his magic

The cocktail area

We were making bantay the couple while they were taking sunset photos. I can’t wait for Mango Red to post the photos!

With DJ MARS! Tinatakot na namin na lalasingin sya!

Much love,