Who is Tim Yap to me? Read about @iamtimyap!

Because words can’t explain how much i love you. I could try but I know it wouldn’t be enough.

Many may know Tim from the magazines articles or from his TV appearances. But that’s not my TIMMY. My Tim is the first person to run to me when i was crying because of a love problem, the first one to bring me to a dimsum buffet because he knows na matakaw ako, the first one to defend me when people were judging me because I’m so bakya or bakla with the way I talk, the first one there for me when he knows I’ve had more than I can handle, the first one to open the bottle of patron because he knows i just need that shot for the night and the first one to hug me tight when all I needed was a hug. So as you can see he’s always the first to me. But like what I learned from my 7 years old godson, KIEL… number one is not the best. I put my timmy higher than number one. He’s bestfriend number 0 because no one (zero!) can compare to him.

I love you Tim. I’m never negative… I’m actually one of the most positive people I know. But if anyone crosses my Timmy… baka lumabas si VOLTA so ingat kayo.

Love begets love. I always thank God for you. Happy birthday hubby 🙂 You know my wish for you 🙂

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