And the gang is complete!

Casting: DJ Mars Miranda, Iza Calzado, Karylle, Pam Quinones, Rajo Laurel, Niz Alanon, Kat Cruz, Mark Nicdao, Nix Alanon, Robbie Pinera, Victor Basa, Me

First outfit. Charina Sarte and Charlotte Olympia Shoes

I was already on my way out when David Milan made me change. Bakit daw ako nagsando for Janet? MAHIYA NAMAN DAW AKO!

Tired feet. Ayan, puro ugat. But it lessened already. Will teach you the trick 🙂

Final outfit. I changed to a petite topshop dress. So in short, I was pulling my dress the whole night!

Early birds award!


First Batch! DJ mars Miranda, Photographer Mark Nicdao, Stylist Pam Quinones, Make0up artist Robbie Pinera

To my right side! Rajo, Nix and Vic!

The girls are here! K, Kat and Iza!

WE LOVE YOU! She dedicated GO DEEP to Manila!

Sige lang! todo mo Nixy!


Class Picture!

PICC is so beautiful!

Then Sofitel for “adobo with rice” midnight snack!

I love Janet! Isa kang Alamat!

Much love,