FINALLY! Was able to take a break and load all the photos for you.

Hindi ko na hahabaan alam ko naman gusto nyo lang yung photos, care nyo ba sa pagka-fan girl ko. haha!

This is what was on screen while waiting for the concert to start. At least sure akong nasa tama akong concert. haha!

Again, we came early. V picked me up from Sofitel so wit pa akong dinner. Ayan, huli na lumafang ng nuggets. Total of 15 kami who went together. Alta and Speedy Lyttle and Sophia, Tanya Lyttle-lapid or you probably know her as Tanya Garcia and Mark Lapid with Mischa, Florence and my inaanak Kiel, V and his bro Jm and more pa.

That’s JM with me there.

Before the kaguluahan. You can see a lot of kids wearing Bieber outfits.

May countdown! Bongga parang new year! haha!

V and JM. Super magkamukha!

Flo, little Kiel and me!

Keri, 9 minutes nalang!

Pinoy opening act!

Thank you Justin. This smile on Kiel’s face is PRICELESS!

This is the start of your Bieber photos!

First outfit is his trademark white and purple!

May levels yung stage. Pero masforte ko when he was on the lower part. Hirap magkodakan pag sa elevated sya eh.

I’m so happy to get this shot. Hirap kasi magzoom in!

I like this shot!

This kid is really talented, kaya nya pa mag-guitara. Fine, ikaw na talaga!


She’s so happy! Natuwa ako for her!

Priceless tong ganitong reaction!

Eto pa!

OMG! Swerte mo! Parang nanalo ng mega-lotto!

While waiting for the next set, they shower Justin’s baby photos

Then the video ended with this… AWWWW!


He introduced his team and band!

He also played the drums!

That’s me! No make-up sa pawis!

Before I go, eto ang chmapion. My friend Alta was really trying her best to zoom and take a close up photo of Justin….

WOW MALI! haha! Dancer pala yung nakunan nya. Hirap na hirap pa mandin sya! haha!

Sorry for the delay and hope you enjoyed the photos! 🙂 I really had so much time at the concert. Deadma na sa traffic na nastuck kami and sa haba ng nilakad namin to get to the car. Haha!

I’m waiting for the DVD of his concert! Will be posting more Justin videos soon!

Much love,