For sometime now, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some JEFFREY CAMPBELL LITA SHOES. Problem was I didn’t see any when we went to Europe andI think wala din here. My buyer is sourcing it out in HK now, I think she found some na but nasa-depression stage na ako kaya d ko nainorder. And i had to pay my credit cards pa from mga nilafang ko sa Europe so sabi ko deadma na.

Last June 6, i was teasing V because beerday nya and I said, bongga if ako ang regaluhan mo for your birthday… SO AYUN! He got me LITA SHOES! I LLLLOOVVVEEEE YYYOOUU!!

What are lita shoes ba? Well, I’m been searching for boots because of EXTREME MAKEOVER and matagal ko na talaga tinitignan yang lita shoes na yan. They said it will be available in SM but so far, wala pang ganap (no size 10 there.. hay…). THANK GOD, bonggels si V! haha!

He got me 2 pairs! And tama ang size, walang parusa sa JURASSIC kong paa. haha!

Lita shoes!

They have so many colors and skins, I love it because pwede syang pang casual and pang gimick!

Look at how some people on the net styled their LITA boots!

So cute!

Lita shoes can be ordered through my buyer

And prices depends on type of skin you want.

The range is from PHP 6,000.00- PHP 8,000.00 according to Polyvore. haha!

GOOOO! I’m excited to wear my LITA SHOES!

Much love,