JUJU Cleanse: Final say!

Ok, i tried the 3 days thing. Aaminin ko bakit.. na-pressure ako sa METROBODY SHOOT! haha!

I never ever tried any diet or cleansing sa buhay ko. So this was my first time. Alam nyo naman ako, aaminin ko sa inyo lahat so here we go.

The package is so cute!Haha! I was actually very excited to try it. But bawal lumafang in 3 days? kaya ko kaya. TRY NATIN!

The package comes with instructions so read before you attack!

Keep everything refrigerated! In case, aalis kayo, they have a bag na pwede nyong baunin. So naisip na nila ang mga lakwatsera. Pakak!

Technically you have to finish 6 bottles in a day. I got the easy level lang-meaning maskonti yung green bottles. Then you get a lot of the other flavors.

Below, you will see the different bottles.

So ok, let me tell you about the experience.

I DIDN’T CHEAT! Isispin nyo kinaya ko? haha! Actually I’ll be honest, you feel busog nga coz ang daming liquid sa body mo so you don’t feel the hunger. I don’t think i drink that much liquids in a day so medyo change yun. The first day was the easiest but the hard part for me was not the hunger but the ABSENCE of chewing. Sanay kasi tayo na may nginunguya.

The first day, parang more naghahabol ako. Hindi pa tapos yung bottle na iniinom ko, it’s already time to drink the other one. So ganun lang yung nagana[. Not hard but different.

The second day was more of a challenge. I’m not a breakfast person but I woke up very hungry. Siguro kasi puro liquids lang ako the day before. I also suggest na nasa bahay or office lang kayo because you need to use the restroom a lot. Well, kung puro liquid nga naman malamang it has to exit somewhere. By day 2 i started dreading the green bottle. Keri ko yung ibang bottles but since I’m not ma-gulay na tao, the green one was hard for me. But it differs din per person, my friend who tried it loved the green and dreaded the others.

3rd day, parang nasanay na ata yung katawan ko. But increased sensitivity na ako sa amoy ng ulam. BET KO NA KUMAIN. Although, i cannot exactly say i was hungry. Na-miss ko lang ata. Day 3 was so much easier than day 2. Day 2 pinakamahirap sakin.

So the results, you feel cleaner. As in you feel like na wipe out lahat ng nakasingit sa mga gilid gilid ng tyanella mo. I also saw a diff sa skin ko. Medyo glowing sya or baka maganda lang lighting ko nun. haha! I don’t think i was able to record weight loss but i felt cleaner and lighter. So pakak na yun. I’m planning to do this once in a while just to make sure my insides may general cleaning din. So my final say is: I would recommend it to someone na bet luminis ang pakiramdam (well, maligo kayo..lilinis din pakiramdam nyo. choz!) and you honestly feel lighter and more energetic after. Don’t worry about the gutom, more than that baka mabusog pa kayo sa liquid 🙂

In the end, keri naman yung shoot ng metrobody haha! So I guess, panalo lahat ng ginawa ko from JUJU to Sexy solutions. Achieve lahat 🙂

The effects and experience varies talaga. So balitaan nyo ako sa inyo 🙂

Ayan, sa gusto magtry:

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