Deng Sanpedro (sanpedro.denise@gmail.com) submitted:

Tarayan sa sementeryo lamang!


andimdan submitted:

Hola Ms. D!

just incase di mo rin type yung second phot i submitted i have a third option :))

love much D.D



Tough Love

Full Spread:

Fierce photo


ronsquared2 submitted:

Fierce Followers [JULY]

mother D,

Good Day! Hi! i’m Ron Santos 🙂 Anyway fisrt time ko po mgsubmit sa blog mo! im soo excited! and since white shirt plains and prints ang ganap well, ito na: white shirts talaga for me are life-savers. you can never go wrong with with shirts talaga… well ito po ang aking mga versions of white shirts… di ko alam mother kung anong piliin ko dito pero incase isa lang, well mas proud ako sa aking “Fierce Spider Shirt”. AKO GUMAWA niyan mother! (well lahat ako gumawa) salamat po for being a good inspiration for us :”>take care always

love ron 🙂



sixthirtymodels submitted:

hi ms D,

im submitting one of the photos in our tumblr account. he wanted me to submit this photo, nakita kasi nya one of our photos na na post sa fierce contest mo this may. nagselos, hahahaha!!! joke lng. he is Ron by the way, an aspiring haute designer in Amsterdam. so yes he is the one who designed his dress. and of course, siya rin ang model, alam mu nmn pagbakla, di papahuli sa pagpose… lol.

SO GUYS! Here are the winners for the Plains and Prints bonggang shopping!

Please email me thru divinemlee@yahoo.com and put JULY FIERCE WINNERS: (number mo in this post) and I’ll get back to you how to claim the price. Make sure to put your photo, name, address and contact details in the email!

For the beckies who one, keri parin naman sa beckling ang plains and prints na whte tee and jeans!

Check out what they won here!


This month’s prize would be from MICHAEL ANTONIO! YES! POWER HEELS! Wait for my post!

Much love,