jericbrylleramirez submitted:

Hello ever pretty and ohhhhhh so down to earth Ms. D’ what do you think about my outfit? ahaha thank you,i hope to meet you soon.

Much Love,

Jeric Brylle


D: Oh d ba? Achieve na achieve ang color blocking parang swatches ng boysen! GOW!

Much love,




missbeatrix submitted:

Hi Ms. D! This will be my first time to submit 🙂 Kaya, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will win and have the chance to meet you in person, because you’re one of my inspirations when it comes to beauty and styling! Have a nice day <3


D: maingay ba gurl? choz! GOOOWW! Forte ko din yang masakit ang ulo pose 🙂

Much love,




isaimrtnz submitted:

Ms.D di ko na kaya! Kailangan ko na sumali dahil gusto ko talaga ng Swatch watch. Hihihi! 🙂 I whip my hair!


D: Hindi na Swatch ngayon pero pasok ang beauty mo sa Payless GC! GOWW!

Much love,