Hi there Gorgeous D,

tryin’ my luck here as i send to you my “fierce photo” :p

this was taken before i hit our company’s Christmas party last December, themed as “IHG in da Club”. Styling/HMU done by my cousin.

“the kapal-muks” in me that i sent you 3 of them, hehehe i hope you don’t find me feelingera at all. oh, but well, im such a frustrated model-wanna that’s why =D

i’ve been hearing about your name many years ago, and all in mind is that you’re the Paris Hilton of Pinas, Heiress it is. But t’was just now, after following you in tumblr, that i’ve been aware of the great personality underlying that image. oh girl, you’re sooo adorable and i look up to you, seriously. You’re the newest addition to the great personalities that i’ve been venerating – Ms.Tweetie de Leon, Apples Aberin, Bianca Valerio , Bianca Gonzales and the likes ^_^

feels like i wanted to make more chika to/with you but it seems that maybe i am taking much of your time reading my crap…the feelingera in me that we’re close hehehe!

it may sound like pambobola, but these things i say are truthfully and sincerely pure admiration to fab lady like you – Beckyness in the inside but overflowing Glam in the outside. you’re friends are very lucky to have you as such.

may you be blessed with much graces that you deserve..continue living as an inspiration to us, to each and every aspiring beauty/model wannabe (as for me, being such a model is an unreachable dream) i dream of meeting you onetime, if by chance i happen to see you in the malls or at the bars i hope to have the courage and lakas ng loob to approach and say hello to you…

anyways, this is kinda long na and baka hindi mo na basahin. hehehe ^_^
thank you.thank you. thank you. at least for the time reading my mail

much love,
kaye ♥

D: I really wanna organize a tweet meet soon! Naloloka lang ako pano, haha! Baka dumating yung mga binasted ko nung highschool para itakin ako. bwahaha! jk 🙂

Bongga ka ha! ganda ng dimples mo. I used to get the ballpen cap and buong class ko syang pinipilit idikdik sa cheeks ko. Ayun, nagpantal lang wala paring dimples. haha!

Much love,