V had to host a beauty contest in Koronadal.. so best in binitbit nya ako. Biglaan so check out my face. hahaha!

Walang tulog at may sumpong! hahaha!

The airport was so organized. Everything was super fast and eto ako, ayaw paawat ..nagphotoshoot muna!

We had lunch with the Governor and Mayor. They were super nice and was making us chika about the tourist spots. Sayang overnight lang akitch. I want to do their famous zip line wherein you will pass 3 waterfalls! Oh d ba, hindi talaga tinipid ni Lord in tourism ang Koronadal!

D + V

Waiting for lunch so ano ba best na ginagawa namin? Magkodakan!

We were transported via bus! cute cute place! Here I am with V’s handler, Jill.

The contestants! They were all so cute and fierce! Labanan sa Q&A!

Randy Ortiz was also there. It was his homecoming show! We all stayed in a cute resort called The farm. Sayang, bitin talaga our trip!

Sometimes we are so excited to go abroad that we forget the beauty of the Philippines. Buti talaga I tagged along. I saw Koronadal and much more than that I met a lot of fierce followers! Isipin nyo umabot tayo dito! Thank you guys! I love you!

Next time, try to travel within the Philippines. Ang daming ganap. I guess nadadala tayo sa tourism marketing ng ibang bansa, but our places are really bongga. We have so much to offer. Pati foodash, win na win!

Tag naman our photos on my fb page para i can include on my next post!

Much love,