Delayed na naman ako sa post! But better delayed than never! Chos! I was muse for Pablo Cabahug’s Leg Love collection. Check out my previous post about the collection here:

Hair and makeup backstage!

The setup of the stage. The ahow was directed by Jackie Aquino.

The Preview and Stylebible girls! So cute!

Karen, Helena and si Milan!

Ferdie doing the hosting for the show. Kabowg nang hair ni Ferdie!

First segment of the show.

Bianca opening the show! I love her hair!

Brent’s back!

The guys modeling the elements gold toe socks collection

The video installation!

Ayan! May eksena ako sa video!

Go Orns!

Pablo Cabahug for Leg Love!

The finale walk! Me and the designer!

Congrats Leg Love!

After the show!

With my beloved fierces!

The team behind the show!

I love my Fierces for being so supportive!

Much love,