Levi’s got a group of advocates for their GO FORTH campaign. Bongga nga naman kasi they are supportive of our causes!

Hindi na kayo magugulat, because mine was for EQUALITY and ANTI-DISCRIMINATION.

To know about my battle, check this!




So ayan, may briefing na ha! 🙂

So eto ang naganap during Levis!

The brand ambassadors!

Ayan, nadebut na ang new hair color ko! hahaha! Full on Levi’s!

Close-up sa hairerette!

The show!


The finale!

Chikahan with Robby, best in excitement ako kasi they told me Levis will be supporting my cause full on!

I will be working with Niccolo soon. May pasabog kami! Watch out!

So guys? What are you fighting for?

Guys, dapat kasi may meaning ang life. May ticker kasi tayo, hindi tayo blessed ng foreverness ditich sa world. Let’s all make our mark and leave something good behind. Our legacy is ours to make- and this is what I chose for my Levi’s tagline.

I believe that no one wants to be a floater (uyy, hindi yung sa toilet ha.. TMI). I meant, ayaw nyong dumaan lang sa life at pagnawala parang wit din ganap. DO SOMETHING GOOD. STAND FOR SOMETHING. Weird, enough na hindi naman ako becky yet eto ang pinaglalabanan ko- but honestly, hindi man sa akin ginawa, kitang kita ko ang ganap na discrimination. Ang pag-api pagnaka micro mini si Emma sa bora, ang hindi pagpasok sa mga becky friends ko, ang pag-ban pa minsan. D ko keri. Baka nga masmasakit dahil nakikita ko lang at hindi sakin nangyari. You know when you sometimes you say “sana sakin nalang or sana ako nalang” , yun ang ganap ng drama ko. But rather than sit and do nothing. I decided to use my voice. Whether 0, 1 or 1 million ang makarinig, I know i stood for something. I tried my best and will continue to try until they hear our message loud and clear. Again, I am not asking for a special lane in EDSA, I won’t even go technical on statistics and all. Ang bet ko lang maganap is that, treat my brothers and sisters in the LGBT group the same way you would treat your friends na straight. Ayaw ni God ng judgmental 🙂 Hindi ka Judge at lalong hindi kami BOOK 🙂

Much love,