When we took out Liempo, over protective si V! So funny to see a big guy holding such a small puppy! hahaha! Na super likot pa!

Bet nya i-train at maging dog whisperer… DEADMA sya ni liempo!

At first liempo was scared of the grass. Ayaw nyo, may diri factor sya!

I brought Coco. May clazz na toh eh! haha! He’s sanay na so hindi na sya malikot. Chill na chill na sya.

Liempo hated his harness

Blockbuster hit na naman si Liempo! Bet sya ng mga naglalakad! Especially the kids!

Ino joined us with his doggie major and cat sergeant!

We had so much fun with the doggies. Thank you High Street for giving us an area to walk our dogs! Hope more establishments follow their lead! 🙂

I really hope our dogs understand how much joy they give us 🙂

Last night, we came home late because we were packing relief goods. Milan was left at home, and when he was about to sleep, he turned off all the lights sa balur. Liempo went to our room and started knocking daw… awww 🙂 Akala nya ata naiwan sya sa labas 🙂

Much love,