Ok, it’s no secret that I’m good friends with K and I adore ZsaZsa’s style. But now, we have a new star! Pahingi naman ng genes na yan!

Introducing ZIA! People may compare her to Adele or Nora Jones but you should really hear her! She’s all that and more!

She’s also very funny. Bet ko humor nya 🙂

She sang mambobola! mahal ko na talaga sya!

It’s her first concert, but kung talented ka nga naman talaga… kahit first bongga na kagad!

TALENTED! hindi lang song number, may performance pa!


Block buster hit! puno ang teatrino!

Guys, number one na sya sa astrovision! Wag kayong papahuli! GOOOWW!

ZIA! One more concert please!

Zsazsa thank you for inviting me!

Proud Ate K, i love Kitchen Musical! 🙂

Much love,