Liz Uy’s party was on a Sunday. I went to mass first before heading to her party. I just wore leggings under my dress and a sweater over during mass. After mass, I had dinner with V then off to Liz’s birthday!

Yes, I’m guilty of using the business phone for tumblr.


WIth Pauline and Rajo. I super loved Pauline’s dress!

AHA! DJ MARS… maharass nga!

With the birthday gurl and Martin B and Veejay F. These 2 young designers are more than my go-to designers, super friends ko sila. When you see their editorial, talent is undeniable but what you see on paper is their loyalty and friendship. That’s worth more than any work of art. Hindi na bibili yun.

Raj, Borgy, Carlos, Madz, Sos and Mike raiding the cupcake bar!

Me and my feathered bag. Black swan hang-over

Party was at ROBOT!

D & D (ducky)

Veejay talaga ang panalo sa Divine Lee pose!

With the lovely Preview girls!

The style team!

Happy bday! haha! double meaning yun!

Parang VOGUE cover lang oh! haha!


With Charina and Claudine

CHARI! Linggo d ba? Ano naman naganap sa LADY DANGER ng MAC na lipstook? Haha! Love you Chariburger!

I had to leave the party early that’s why i missed Tim and some other friends. I had an early meeting the next day and is still recovering from my sickness.

I love LIZ. She’s someone I admire. I had a few dinners with her and long bbm chats. I admire her honestly and naiinitindihan nya ang pagkabeckimese ko. She’s one herself! haha! But more than the style and glamazon that we see, she’s a little girl with a heart of gold. Totoo sya and that’s what makes her extra special. I love you girl!