I love London! Lalo na nung nadiscover ko after years of visiting that the big beautiful bridge is not london bridge but TOWER Bridge. So sorry nalang sa mga na-tour ko dun na mali ang info.

Thsi is TOWER BRIDGE. Super nice and since it’s the most beautiful (for me) bridge in London city…assuming ako na eto si London bridge.

The real LONDON BRIDGE. I really feel bad sa lahat ng maling chinika ko. haha! Sorry guys, KNOW IT ALL KASI. haha!

I was supposed to take my master’s in London. I got a partial scholarship but unfortunately, I had to work na. I started working while in college so by the time I graduated, i had a lot of projects lined up and I didn’t want to leave it. So, i stayed nalang. No regrets though, I’m still hoping to get time off to study 🙂 Dadating din yan.

I love London’s energy. Ang bilis ng ganap! FORTE! Europe is usually very relaxed but London has this NYC vibe. I also like it kasi parang hindi ka mauubusan ng gagawin. When I bored, I just head out to watch plays and musicals. They also have the biggest TOPSHOP here (3 floors!) but I also like the discount place called PRIMARK! Parang SM sa mura! And very trendy!

And when depressed it’s also just a trainway away from Paris. Pwede ka mag picnic sa EIFFEL TOWER habang nagdadaydream.

Our last trip, INO Caluza, Milan< V and I met with my colleagues. I had work here so I only had 2 days free.

Check out our photos!

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Prada

Dress: Charina Sarte

Ino Caluza. Nabaha, bitin ang pants. haha!


I tried the giant ferris wheel called London Eye. Sa sobrang bagal nya umikot, nahilo ako. haha! Weird noh? kung kelan mabagal dun pako nahilo.

We watched LES MISERABLES! It’s Milan and V’s first time to catch the show!

Ang pakay ko talaga is mapanood si Nick Jonas and the jowa! haha!

London underground is the easiest subway transpo in Europe for me. I guess because it’s in english?

Black cabs are costly! Only take when you really need to!

Lunch with the Pinoys. This is my London family. First time nila ma meet si V so kinilatis muna. haha! I am not related to them but they always host me when I’m in London. I love how the pinot spirit lives on! INIHAW NA LIEMPO ANG ULAM! haha!

Napagod si V and Ino.

I tried to copy British uniforms for the schools in our subdivision. Fail kasi mainit dito. But it’s so cute!


Very tourist ang peg but I never fail to have a photo in those red phone booths!

My friends always tease me for having funny photos. I’m always so bungisngis because I’m always laughing at something but usually myself. EVIDENCE TOH. haha!

Much love,