One of the most awaited show for this fashion week is the comeback of Yvonne Quisumbing. She’s been gone for quite a while so when people found out that she’s doing a show for PFW, medyo na-excite lahat.

Loreal hosted the event (because you’re worth it..choz!) and bongga naman talaga sya. I like how they had Lyle and Yvonne do the show together because you really see the extremes of the design aesthetics. The other one is very sleek while Yvonne’s is very romantic and girly.

Sige na titigil ko na kakasatsat ko. Check out the photos. Thanks to V na walang sawa sa mga kakasabi ko ng “Kodakan mo yan, bonggels sya” or “Huy don’t forget the details! Papakita ko sa mga becky sa tumblr yan”

Here you go!

Dyosa Anne Curtis opened the show!

I really like the pants here. Sleek ang unique. Hope they’ll allow me to wear my shiny things for extreme makeover. haha!

This is the girl from America’s Next top Model. I like the pants and corset belt.

para talaga akong gamugamu, forte ko mga makintab!

I like the cut, but my upper body hindi keri mga ganitich.

Sheer or shiny? hindi makadecide..isabay! Bonggels!

Lyle’s finale!

Anne opened Yvonne’s segment too! Animin, bongga talaga ng hairerette ni mareng Anne ditich.

Flowy and romantic! This is a cute idea for bridesmaid dresses if you’re going for the ethereal look.

Bongga how she was able to mix softness with leather (leather ba yun?)

Danica Magpantay! This is nice for a beach wedding! But bongga toh, because it’s a classic silhouette with modern details of shredding chuchu.

Hindi na kailngan nga bouquet. haha!

Pictures don’t do justice. But bongga tong parang papel ng pastillas na patong patong.

Finale! Anne, Marina, Lyle and Yvonne! I love Marina Benipayo talaga. Grabe ang energy sa catwalk!

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Sorry late posts on fashion week! 🙂 Kaya hindi na ako masyado nagpaliwanag because I’m sure you saw the collections na somewhere else (or baka kasi dalhin nyo ako sa barangay para magpaliwanag…hahah!)

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