I was in a real hurry because my meetings were being bumped off from one sked to the other. Not good. So when I finished work 2 hours later than expected, I knew that wit nako panahon umuwi to change. I had to change into something na pwede ko i-rampa tuloy tuloy from meetings, dinner and events.

Salamat and Kermit gave me a gift! this dress is just so perfect for that day! Actually if full on sheer but baka naman atakihin sila sa pagka bomba star ko so I wore a nude slip under. I love Kermit! He’s so talented!

Dress: Kermit (super duper duper thank you for the gift!)

Shoes: Fendi

Bag: Balenciaga

See how sheer? 🙂

First stop was Rajo’s stop. Here we accompanied the bride to her fitting. Nakigulo narin ako! haha! Gwapo na naman ni David Milan!

After our fitting we had an early dinner and super late lunch at rockwell. We also looked for substiture shoes for the bride (5 inches kasi ata ang original shoes..baka d tumagal the whole night!)

Then after that I went ot White Space for the FEMME NOIR YSTYLE screening! Congratulations CELINE LOPEZ, BEA LEDESMA and THE YSTYLE TEAM!

MILAGRO! Hindi sya late! haha!

With Circuit Magazine’s JR ISAAC and Charmaine Palermo

After the event I went straight to another dinner and saw may inaanak! ISSADORA! She’s sooo cute! FOrte nya lang si Tinkerbell!

I had to leave about 30 minutes into my second dinner for another meeting. Super secret pa eh! But star struck ako! haha!

So lesson of the day? MORE ENERGY, MAS HAPPY! Bawal talaga magkasakit ngayon!

Much love,