D pa ako ready get set go sa video! Medyo matatagal pa ata yun. D ako knows mag edit so I hope maka-pasang awa man lang ang grade ko dito. I promise to try to make a video soon. Nakaka pressure cooker kayo! haha! I’m no pro in make-up but I was forced to learn how to do my own. My fave make-up artists would always give me tips how to do it para bongga kahit wala sila.

Ok, I knew mahaba ang araw ko nitich so I had to use thick make-up. I have a bad habit of never retouching when out. So oiliness is next to ugliness ang peg ko if hindi super powers ang ginamit ko.

The stuff I posted are what I use for days that i need long lasting make-up. I usually wear less or none for daily use. But since you wanted na eyffort ako. Here you go!

Ayan, very very light ang peg but long lasting

RMK MAKE-UP Base. I apply this all over my face para hindi mangarag ang muk-up. I do this after my mositurizer (which depends if I’m staying out all day or indoors).

My foudation is RMK number 3. I apply this with MAC foundation brush. Although usually i just use my fingers, but I just did my nails so d ko sya forte ngaragin.

I set with RMK powder. I use number 4 (I’m really a 3). Actually I’m obsessed with making my skin tan and V would always tease me na ambisyon ko talaga maging BEYONCE.

MAC BRONZER. The picture above shows how I apply my bronzer. Since peg ko si GISELLE BUNDCHEN. I apply all over then the red areas, i apply a bit more. Kailngan icontour ang fez para mukhang RIA BOLIVAR ang cheekbones.

Here are my blushes na obvious na gamit na gamit na. Nars in TAOS, Smashbox and Armani blush. I use NARS more often. Sa sobrang powerful nya, ingat sa pagapply. Dab dab lang. The photo above shows where i put my blush.

Didn’t i tell you I’m obsessed with contour? So here, I use a darker blush (i think nga eyeshadow eto eh…i just got it as a freebie) for the sides of my face to give the illusion of contour. Think parang number 3 yung shape na ginagawa nyo.

Pampafresh! Ok, guilty. I’m so matipid that I broke na my highlighter hindi ko parin magawang itapon. A friend gave me a new one sa awa. Inuubus ko parin the basag one. I just use it on my cheekbones to highlight a little.

All my makeup artists know I’m obsessed with KILAY POWER. I use blonde of Dior (pudpud na!haha) because I usually dye my eyebrows to match my hair. The photo above shows where your eyebrow should start, the arch and end.

1. Use a pencil or any straight object (wag kutchilyo….) and put this vertically beside your nose. Your eyebrows should start there.

2. Use the pencil and place it diagonally passing your iris and side of your nose. Arch should start there.

3. Then end of your lips to end of your eyes should measure where your eyebrows should end.

4. Effort nyo ang kilay. Important yan! It frames your face. Shade and trace 🙂

I use primer all over my lid. I use this when I have a long day para kumapit ang eyeshadow.

My MAC palettes. A friend of mine helped me depot everything. Nanghinayang kami sa case eh! It can only fit a few so we took out the middle portion so it can fit more shadows. This is my MAC palette. As you can see, d pa sya puno. I only buy paisa-isa and most of my friends give me as gift.

The first color is my base. I apply it like the left eye of the drawing. All over sya.

The 2nd color I just apply on the crease. This is to add depth.

The first 2 photos are the same color. I use the fluffier brush (1st photo) to achieve blending. I use that on the side of the crease. Make sure to blend inwards.

The second brush is smaller and i use this shade to outline the eye. I didn’t get to show it on the photo because gugulo. Just use a more flat and straight brush and apply the dark shadow like an eyeliner. Near the eyelash areas. Include the bottom eyelashes ha! That way mukhang buo yung make-up.

The last photo is a highlighter. Use it below the brow line and area of tearducts.

Eyeliner all over. Heavier on top though.

Shu uemura eyelash curler. 6 years na toh! haha!

I use this eye mascara or for daily MAYBELLINE Great lash.

RMK 910

Line, lipstook then gloss 🙂

Total time is 15 minutes. Very light lang ang peg. Pag black smokey minsan inaabot akong 40 minutes sa eyyfort!

Ayan na! gandang Ricky Reyes! haha! I promise to make a video soon. D kasi ako talented sa tech department.

Much love,