I got a question before about my dream wedding gown. I gave you a peg but this Marchesa collection is so pretty! I would have recommended it to my friend but baka patayin ako ng groom sa mahal. haha! Actually, nice sana if the other dresses will be used for the bridesmaids and entourage. It’s nice when everyone is so dressed up and bongga! Kung ako magpakasal I want kabogera lahat! D naman ako madamot para chakahin ang suot ng entourage at ako lang ang magandang suot! haha!

I really like how its new yet it has that vintage feel. I also love it when brides shy away from the traditional colors. My best friend is going to wear a goldish beige wedding gown. It looks amazing!

Sneak peek Marchesa!

Bagay to sa mother of the bride or groom! tarush!

Pwede sa siblings..

Flower girl

If you wanna go non-trad you can use a girl for ring bearer in this outfit!


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Maid of honor


Bongga ng casting! But kung ganito ang outfit ng entourage, wag ka na magpakain sa reception..ang laki na ng gastos eh! Sabihin mo titigan nalang ang entourage, nakakabusog na! haha!

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