I love Marchesa but isa lang meron ako at sample sale ko pa sya nabili. Mahal kasi hassle! So one of my hobbies is to check for Marchesa clothes online (Libre lang mangarap. haha!). Every time I type Marchesa, super avail tong si Blake sa damit. There are times that na luanch nya na before the show! Grabe ka girl, SWERTE MO!

I borrowed photos on the net 🙂

This reminds me of the dress Rajo made me wear for the Grey Goose Ball.

grey goose rajo

Borrowed from Stylebible.ph

Maybe I feel similar sila kasi pareho silang mag fringe na nagaganap.

Cute! Very innocente but pa-sexy!

I like the white one better but hindi naman ako si Blake so anong magagawa ko.

I loveeee this!

Down to the shoes, pareho ang lola nyo!

Sino pang mga stars ang palagi nyong nakikitang consistent with their designers? Sometimes kasi when you work with a designer a lot, in the end mas-alam pa ngya anong magugustuhan mo. Like with Rajo I don’t even have to see my gown before the event! That’s how much he knows me 🙂

Much love,