I got a message from one of the readers before. It said “Chinacharot mo ata kami eh, post ka nga pictures!” ETO SAYO! Haha!

One thing people don’t understand is excited din ako mameet kayo. I like meeting new people. With every person you meet, you can learn a lot of things. Since peg ko maging genius- haha! choz! I get excited with every person I meet. So drumroll!

For our march winners, I scheduled a merienda, Rajo consultation and shopping trip with yours truly. I don’t think our fierce winners know about this yet but I got a lot of inspiration from them that day.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to name them (may mga disclosure chuchu bay un? Haha! Because some took time off work and school so.. Guess the fez nalang haha! DISCLAIMER: I didn’t tell them to, I just found out when they arrived!) We picked 5 winners for March because PLAINS AND PRINTS was so generous. 2 (and both beckies) winners were from outside Metro Manila so we just sent them GC’s but the other 3 were girlies from Manila so nameet ko sila.

Our day started at 3pm, I had to rush everything to make it on time. Bongga at naachive kong maka-arrive ng before 3pm. I got there about 2:30pm. So I met them at Starbucks Rockwell with V. We had a little chitchat before heading to Rajos shop. We were supposed to meet 4 girlies- 3 winners and one of the winners sister/model. Unortunately, military style kami. On the dot sked para maka-rampage kami ng madami. So when the other one was late, hindi na naming nahintay. I promised to take her with the April winners though.

So from Rockwell we went straight to Raj’s atelier! Check out our photo story below.

Dress: Charina Sarte

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Charlotte Olympia (obvious ba na favorite?)

At Rajo’s shop!

Ok, huli na naman. Bakit na naman ako tawa ng tawa….

Rajo giving our winners style tips.

Rajo left for a bit to assist a client. In-avail ko ang desk! haha!

I don’t know why but I always see myslef in this painting. Galing ni Kiko! Same guy who did my painting from V!

Rajo’s inspiration board! Remember I told you guys about a dream book or inspiration book? Hindi na pala box yung kay Rajo… BOARD NA! haha!

Chika for merienda

Parang resita lang ng gamot.

Group photo!

After his shop we rushed to Shangri-la. We had merienda but fail ako sa photography. haha! Nakalimutan ko mag pictures. It was a good 2 hours of chika and I learned a lot about them 🙂

Ready to go shopping?? WOOHOOO!

P&P Shnagri-la. I encourage you guys to visit the store. I think this is one of their biggest shop and has a lot of the limited RAJO x Plains and Prints items!

I love the colors of this collection! Pasok sa color blocking!

Rajo’s choice for our winners! Bongga!

She’s soo thin! Medyo nahiya yung waist line ko! Para kang lapis!

I love how this dress looks different per person. Tama nga si Rajo!

I saw Tess! My friend was shopping around Shangri-la and she visited P&P. Go to shop nga namin ang p&p. She was looking for a white dress for the summer!

I love how the P&P people are so friendly and helpful. They all helped style the girls!

I gave a few styling tips here and there but most of the time, I allowed the girls to pick on their own. Baka kasi mahiya mag-no sakin eh! haha! I want them to pick what they want best!

Parang pasko! P&P for Santa Clause!

I enjoyed everything we did that day but more than that naispire ako sa winners. Hindi lang sila fierce sa photos but in real life too. One is a working student. She’s taking up law and working in a call center at night. The drive of this girl is admirable. When I asked her how long before she finishes her law studies, she said that it may take 6(best offer na yan) to 10 years because she’s working and not on full load. I love how she’s chasing after her dream! The second naman was the person who submitted a photo yet the picture on the photo was her sister. Medyo naguilty ako ng slight here. I’m not so close to my sister kasi but I really saw a person who is so supportive of her sister’s dreams na magmodel. She reminded me of Justin Bieber’s movie NEVER SAY NEVER. In the movie, oo nga bongga si Justin but masnapahanga ako sa lahat ng utash with him who supported and helped him with his dream. That’s why I tweeted that if I can’t get a meet and greet with Justin, sa mudak at pamilya nalang nya. It’s so touching to see people who believe and encourage others. D ba, in a movie, hindi naman the lead lang ang dapat magaling, lahat dapat supportive to get the best movie award! The 3rd person is a model who also works in a call center. She reminded me of myself when I was starting out, although instead of working I was studying college. Pero masbongga sya since call center sya, minsan walang tulog si Ate sa shoot and castings. More than mga funny tanong nila sakin, I really drew inspiration from them. Nakakahanga. I can’t wait to meet our other fierce winners in the months to come. Hindi lang kayo fierce sa photos but also in person. So happy nabigyan ako ng chance makilala kayo. 🙂

Again, Thank you Plains and Prints. Thank you for generously picking 5 winners for this month. Pinakabongga ever. But more than that we were able to pick deserving winners. Coincidence or not, these girls represented what a plains and prints girl is all about. Driven. Girly. Ambitious.

So sa atin, let us take inspiration from every person we meet. I remember this ice cream vendor near our school before. Sa dami naming suki from school. He always remembered ano ang favorite flavors namin. Alam nya na forte ko ang keso. From small things like that I learned to be observant because when we remember small things about people it makes them feel more special. D ba? When they remember your birthday parang given yun kasi inaanounce ni fezbook, but when you remember na bawal allergy sya sa peanuts when ordering food. Nakakatouch yun.

Much love,