Yeah, first of the month na naman! We have our winners!

Here are the 5 winners of our swatch fierce followers!


2) miming

3) kamilnidabid


5) flickeringneon

Congratulations guys!

Ok, standard na tayo dahil nadelay yung dati, sorry newbie pa kasi tayo nun. haha!

Email me at or message me here.

Please include all details.

1. Name (real name ha! Puro alias eh! haha!)

2. Address

3. Contact details (email, number)

So i know how to contact you guys!

Congrats! Up next, our JUNE FIERCE FOLLOWERS!

Hoy, magtweet or tumblr kayo ng thanks to SWATCH! hahaha! Thank you guys for joining! Ang saya saya! Aliw to the Nth level!

Will announce our bonggang prize for this month and the HAIR IS POWER winners in a bit!

Keep on sending (naks, parang seryoso noh! haha!) and then baka mag WINnie Monsod kayo!

Much love,