Been so busy lately and I totally forgot to think of what to wear for the Mega awards night. Thank God that Kermit visited the house a few days before the event.

Here we are admiring tela. Haha! I’m the badings real life barbie doll. In short, nauuto nila ako palagi magfit at rumampa for them. During free days, we sometimes even hang out in my room just to play dress up. And yes, inuuto lang talaga nila ako because most of the time sila ang nagdredress-up (Hoy veejay floresca, guilty ka sa kakarampa ng mga heels!). The funniest moments are when they get so into it at may kanya kanya na silang Catwalk formula. With musical cueing pa minsan!

Kermit was checking my clothes to see what he can make for me. Honestly, I never really tell the designers what I want. I just give my ideas and opinions because I believe, in the end, if you give them creative freedom they will come up with something unbelievable and amazing. BOW.

My artisan clutch. I got this as a gift 3 christmas ago.

Nicolas Kirkwood shoes (Been using this for about 3 years. Take care of your shoes!)

I love that Kermit was able to combine everything I love… FRINGE…




In fair, bongga si V maging photographer!

Stacey and the gang!

Avel, Liz, Victor, Leo and jowa.

Lipstook ko ninakaw mo na naman!

Kermit, Ino, Leo and jowa

Miriam, Claudine and Kermit

Ruffa and Mega’s cover girl – Nanette Medved Po!

What happens after the show. Ina-vail ni Tim, Tessa and Jenni ang stage!

With TY!

I love V’s bow tie! Parang naubusan ng tela! haha!

WIll be posting the show proper in another entry!

Much love,