My 2nd post about the Mega Awards!

The show was directed by ROBBY CARMONA of SAGA EVENTS. I was excited to see the new designers competing. Most of the past winners have proven themselves in the industry. Rajo being one of them, Veejay is another and the list goes on…

So this time, masbongga… televised pa ang ganap! The show was called GEN M and each designer was given a task every episode. The final 8 was tasked to do their final show… so THIS IS IT!

It is also Mega’s 1st year to give runner-up awards. But for me whether they place top 3 or not, they are bongga na. D ka-dalian ang mga task ha!

My fave host! JOEYYYY!


I also liked this collection because it was very clean and girly. I like dresses that play around with length… Parang yung hubad sa harap, conservative sa likod kuno.

For me, this is the collection that had a complete look. Styling is very important when doing a show. The clothes should tell a story, dapat fluid ang transition.

Part of the winning collection of RUSSELL!

Terno goes rock and punk!

The graduates mini show! Veejay waiting for his turn. Ang cute ni bakla, akala mo d makabasag pinggan.

Rajo as always is full of energy! MAG ARTISTA KA NA KASIIIII!!!

The designers and their collection.

And the winners…

RUSSELL! Ang tanghalan ng Kampion! choz! Mega young designer of the year! I love the look on his face! Ramdam mo yung saya nya.

After the show, our group went to have dinner. Mika, Ino caluza, Ruffa, Rajo, Vic, Kermit, Charina and Nix.

Went home early again that night. Early day the next day! 🙂

Congrats Russell! Hope to see more of your talent (yung sa damit ok, hindi sa sayaw or kanta…)

Much love,