I did commercials when I was younger and mga inaanak ko ngayon nagcocover at commercials na din. So palagi akong proud ninang. Some people are against it, but sakin as long as tama lang yung ginagawa and forte nung bagets.. keri lang. I don’t like how some shows show how extreme yung mga bagets na may botox pa! Yun hindi na tama! But if it’s light and parang playtime, game lang. AS LONG AS THE KID ENJOYS IT PA. AS LONG AS THEY CAN STOP IF D NA KERI.

So I always find kiddie photos cute but eto, parang adults.. labanan din! MINI ME VERSION! The Model and the Beauty Queen! Ang cute nila!

THE MODEL: Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau

Si bagets bata pa pero mukhang model na talaga. Very Lara stone ang look.


Si bagets suki na sa VOGUE… enfants and Vogue Paris! Oh d ba levelling na! I’m fine with kids modelling as long as they are not modelling in a sultry, sexy way. Kung fierce fiercan keri!

THE BEAUTY QUEEN: Eden Wood : “best known for appearing on Toddlers and Tiaras. Since 2009, Wood has been featured on Toddlers and Tiaras and numerousinternational television shows and has appeared in two independent films Inside Extra and The Angry Box.”

D ko nasight yun so wala akong macontribute about the series, I don’t know if it’s good or bad. But I have seen shows that shows beauty pageant kids having a hard time. Sana wit ganun, yung playtime lang is good. Not too much pressure sa bagets. I think she’s so cute!

Labanan sa pose! Yung isa may korona but nilabanan naman sa ginto!

Close-up! Fierce talaga si Mow and cute si Beauconera!

Mowdel reminds me of Blue lagoon here. Pero yan pout na yan ang champion! Si beauconera naman best in SMIZING!

Best in Emote!

MAY GAWD! Dapat ganito ang anak ko! kahit sino sa kanila ang cute!

Casual vs. Calculated!

Yung isa big hair, yung isa big headband! GOW!

Princess in 2 different forms!

Labanan ng cover!

The kiss me look!


Napansin nyo ba mahilig ako sa bagets? Naku, ang hilig kong mang hiram ng mga inaanak! I honestly can’t wait til I have my own. Sana fierce sila! haha! Kahit becky sya, dapat fierce!

Much love,