Hi, Miss D! You inspire me a LOT and I was really touched by your recent post about “insecurities”. I have a lifetime battle with insecurities, but I am gradually getting rid of them. And upon reading your post, I broke down. I thank thee for that life-altering message. Please continue with what you do, continue touching lives and inspiring people. That’s a personal dream and goal of mine. And you’re lucky for having the power to affect change and change lives. Now, one of my ultimate dreams is to see you in person. Even if you don’t get to notice me, that’s okay just as long as I get to see my idol. You have such a big heart and I, we admire you for that. Hats off to you, Ms. Divine Lee! Kudos! I love you! 🙂

D: You guys inspire me to be better everyday. Your messages keep me strong and smiling. Ako ang dapat magpasalamat. You guys are food for my soul (oh d ba, ginawa ko kayong lafang…dapat ata FIERCE LAFANG na tawag). I’m happy I made the decision to open a tumblr. My “angel” friend (I don’t know if i should name her… pasaway yun minsan ayaw eh. but you saw her in some of my posts already) has been convincing me to do this. Pero recently ko lang talaga na-achieve magopen. Naiinitindihan ko na why she wanted me to do this.

Again…. THANK YOU.

Much love,