Friday work day. I had to rush to my bestie’s bachelorette after work. I’m kinda sick that night and hindi ata kinaya ng Berocca ang powers ko but MAID OF HORROR duties so I had no plans of backing out.


Anyway, my co-maid of horror Florence Chan arranged the bachelorette. She specifically said ANIMAL in the invites. While looking through my clothes… YES! CHance ko mag black swan ulit! FEATHERRRS!

Unfortunately, the feathered dress is quite old so the bustier top was kinda tight on the sides. So to solve the fashion emergency, I just used a blush corset over it! TAPOS AND PROBLEMA. Now, it looks like a one piece dress.

Milan and I were the first to arrive in Barcino’s rockwell which is owned by a good friend URI SINGLA (thank you for helping us out!).

When everyone else started arriving…TEKA TEKA! Parang iba ang concept? Gosh, the invite said ANIMAL PRINT pala not ANIMAL! Ok narin, animal texture nalang akitch.

Lipsy dress

Fendi Shoes

Chanel Bag

Barcino has a great selection of wines!

Friends since 1st year highschool! The one in blue is Florence Chan, my co-maid of horror.

The bride! Atty. Wyanet Zaragoza!

House keeping and finance books!

Ang mga dyosa! Dennis, Milan and Elmer.

Raj and I!

Brent girls! kami yung dating nagaagawan sa spice girls peg.

All the girlies!

Bride with the dyosas!

After the dinner we went to Republiq for the part 2 of Wyanet’s bachelorette. Perfect location because I was invited to Georgina’s surprise salubong. Buti nalang same place! Georgy is such a sweetie. Don’t worry baby, hahanda tayo ng bonggang bonggang sample!

Tim, Belle, Biance, Laureen!

Group squeeze with birthday girl Georgina and my hubby Tim Yap.


Here we are with our favorite hobby. Harassing DJ MARS.


With Nixy and V. (Ayan na para sa may crush kay Nixy)

The maid of horrors!

Overall it was a fun night. Both celebrants had a blast! The bride even slept in my house! I’m excited for the wedding – bongga ang prepared kong speech! haha!

Much love,