I have 3 besties from highschool na gurlash. That’s Florence, Theresa and Wyanet. Theresa got married already, Flo’s engaged and Wyanet is walking down the aisle in 2 weeks. I guess, I really am at that stage of marraige- HINDI PA BA OBVIOUS? last one standing akitch! Save the best for last nga naman! haha! Choz! We won’t deny that V and I talk about it sometimes (wag na kayong chizmosa! Papaalam ko kung may plano kami. haha!). I think marriage is the big next step in every woman’s life. It’s important to find someone to hold your hand as you chenes the world ahead. So when Wyanet got engaged and we were picked as maid of horrors. I was thrilled to be part of the preparation. Flo and I are hopeless (oo, hopeless nga eh) romantics that we end up watching Jason Magbanua wedding videos on our free time. So Wya’s wedding is like the perfect joint wedding of me and Flo. Honestly, I feel like the day is just perfect and God’s gift talaga. We organized a wedding in 2 months but got all our bride’s 1st choice from venue, to photographers, make-up artists, etc. How else can I explain this but magical 🙂 To those na kinasal na, we all know how hard it is to book everything, some brides work a year in advance… Flo and I did it in 2 months with plenty of free ensaymadas (and my angel friend harrassing the suppliers- i call her the invisible maid of horror)! haha!

More than the wedding preparations, I guess the hardest part for a best friend is making sure that your bestie will be ok. I mean, hello, hindi naman renewable ang marriage license noh, either deal or no deal yan. And we have to admit, everyone is different. We all have different upbringings, traditions and beliefs. It took us years of friendship to fully understand and accept one another so it’s only natural for me to worry if ma-accept be sya sa family, magiging chika ba sila, or magkaribal or madrasta ba ang drama.

Last sunday we were invited to her bridal shower arranged by the groom’s family. I was kinda worried. It’s only my 2nd time to meet the guy’s family. So yung bakla dictionary ay naka-mute for that day (kinakapa ko muna baka isipin nila I’m speaking in Russian). We got their earlier than the bride and the whole family was already there. Bongga din ang lunch parang fiesta (well, Mary grace is the groom’s mom.. so i didn’t expect anything less than superb food.. feeling ko nga sumama lang si V para magachibog eh). Alam nyo, nakakagaang ng puso. When you love someone, and you see people loving him/her.. nakakasaya talaga. I saw how the family was so warm and happy for Wyanet. They were super nice to us too. To see my friend entering such a loving family was enough to bring tears to my eyes (hello, d naman ako imiyak dun noh!) Honestly, being a maid of honor to some maybe about being the closest to the bride. Not for me, I take this role with feel na feel and nagmamagandang umaattitude. Sobrang feel nga na mukha nang pakialamera eh. Wyanet is a sister to me. And I only want the best for her. And that Sunday, I saw the best. The best in her, the best with her and the best for her.

To the groom or DIMA. OO na, the best ka na. Please take care of her. Pag nairita ka, pwede mo pahiram sakin … (one day lang ha! isosoli ko sya ulit). haha! We love you for Wyanet and we love your family.

To Wya. I’m so happy for you. Sobrang happy coz ma-iinvite na kami sa sunday lunches! haha! Too bad d ko naconvince yung church na ang bridal march mo ay Madonna’s VOGUE or EYE OF THE TIGER from Rocky. Medyo limited abuso na daw sabi ni Lord. 🙂

Skirt: Zara

Top: Zara

Belt: Topshop

Shoes: Nine West

Bag: Chanel

Invite said WHITE! Here we are in our matching white shirts.

V, D, Florence (maid of horror), Bride Wyanet, Groom Adrian, Milly!

The 2 “harmless” maid of horrors! haha! We harrassed all the suppliers to get the best price!

The famous MARY GRACE (yes, the picture on the ensaymada box) and the groom’s mom.

Blushing bride!

I work well with Titas. We were playing the first game.. BRING ME!

Playing the 2nd game of Charades.

Gift giving!

Tissue couture! Our team!

Team 2 with the bride’s sister and my partner in LUCA – FAYINNA and Tita Mary Grace

Team 3: Maid of horror Florence and bride’s sister Anicka’s group.

The bride with our tissue couture brides. My team lost! haha! nasisira na our dress!

Spa bridal shower!

Ok, this is funny. I raided manong sorbetero’s cart. I LOVE QUESOOOOO ice cream!

HULI! Hawak pa yung scoop!

Lugi pagako nagbenta. I pile the scoops too high!

The sweet ATE of the groom who organized the bridal shower.

We played the S game. You try to say/connect words without an S (yes, buti nalang kasi bulol ako!)

Sisters, sister in law and best friends!

This is the most relaxing idea. Foot massage!

YES! may pang lookbook ako! haha!

Mary Grace office. We were all so kulit that we wanted to visit the kitchen.

I expected a gulo gulo kitchen especially since I tried cooking na. I know how dirty a kitchen cn look. But I was so surprised that everything was so clean and orderly! Galeng!

Trying to steal some cheeserolls….

CUPCAKE for the couple with their initials! A and W (no hindi yung, rootbeer.)

To those who are planning to get married. May bayad na maid of honor services ko. haha! choz! Pick well and stay happy!

Much love,