Since you guys are requesting that I should make this my personal diary. Here goes 🙂

I woke up with a really bad flu Wednesday morning. I was able to get a day off from work but I knew I still had a lot of things lined up that day. Buti nalang, my “angel” friend made me kulit to text her doctor so I can buy the right medicines. So rather than staying in bed, I had the energy to finish all my tasks.

My first task is a surprise. So, I’ll just post it after na nang surprise. Eh lahat pa naman ng kaibigan ko may pagka NBI, kaya bawal talaga ako magsalita. Don’t want to spoil it. I’ll just give you a sneak peek!



I told you guys… I have a thing for shiny things!

Ang gwapo mo talaga ngayon! EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA!

Walang kwenta ba my sneak peek? haha! I told you guys, I can’t say anything yet. So, just wait for my post about this.

After this, I went to Robot. There was an event there for GROUPON. Isa ba kayo sa mga taong napakadami ng coupons and discount cards? Isa ako dun! Sayang eh, kung makakadiscount why not chocnot? I’m even guilty of taking home all the shampoos and stationaries (minsan asking for more pa) in hotels. I proved na bongga lang sya during Ondoy. I was able to give most of the slippers, shampoos, soaps, etc to the survivors. My friend Florence Chan taught me how to do this. She even told me never na sya bumili ng tea for her house because she always takes home the freebies sa hotel. Wais si LUMEN! choz! So anyway, back to GROUPON. Their website has mga bonggang discounted coupons. So instead of paying full price, you can purchase gift certificates at a bargain. Eh d bonggacious, may extra anda kayo pang-rampa!

Check out their website here:

We went to the event with Ino Caluza. He’s the “famous” (oh ayan inamin ko na) jeans designer. Sino ba naman ang d nakakaalam ng Viktor jeans? 🙂

Evidence na may sakit. Nakaupo na akitch.

RIght after this, I had to run to Resort’s world a special screening of MY VALENTINE GIRLS. Medyo na stress drillon akitch because kasi nagtweet na si TITA ANNABELLE!

I made it on time! Perfect! D ako nasermonan! 🙂 I love Tita Annabelle. I think she’s one of the most honest celebrity out there. When i got there, we started discussing about our dentist. She was telling me to bring Vic to her na. Cute talaga ni Tita. People always say she’s mataray but what I really know about tita is her concern for others. I actually met my dentist thru them because I was supposed to meet Ruffa when my face swelled up due to impacted molars. I was in super panic mode. Tita helped my fixed an appointment kagad…. AT 2AM in the morning! Ganyan sya mag-care. Maalaga talaga sya 🙂

I didn’t get to take a lot of photos during the premiere. But pwede narin toh.

The boys! Ino, Paolo, Timmy, V

Check out their super cute giveaways!

The movie was cute. It’s actually 3 mini movies inside a bigger story. I don’t wanna tell you what happened, but please do watch out for the DYOSA!

After the movie, they all went to Republiq after. D na keri ng katawan ko or baka nasobrahan sa unlimited popcorn (you guys better try the Ultra cinema! Lazy boy seats, unlimited drinks and popcorn, with matching butler pa!).

On our way home, I realized may isa pa pala kaming pinangakuan na daanan. We dropped by the U-boat and Jaguar event at Member’s only. Pagpasok na pagpasok…guess who I saw???

DAVID MILAN! na-julie yap daza ko si baklush na rumampage! Aba, matutulog na pala ha! You should have seen his face. Parang nakakakita ng… DYOSA! choz! haha! I didn’t stay long na coz my body needs to rest.

According to the famous words of David Milan “Para sa may sakit, QUOTANG QUOTA ka na! Umuwi ka na!”

Lesson of the day: Mahirap bumooking pagmay sakit. So please take care of your bodies! Health is wealth 🙂

Much love,