Native Shoes Carnival launch!

Native is the unofficial- official shoes of our EXTREME MAKEOVER boys 🙂

They super love it kasi mapabaha, cemento at kung saan saan pwede nilang isugod and madaling linisin after.

The recently had a launch in High Street. Super cute concept! Carnival! They even fly in Dj Trouble Andrew. Buti nalang friendship na sila ni V, we will be seeing him in Coachella (His wife SANTIGOLD is performing in COACHELLA)

Eto ang ganap…

Mini fashion show for kiddies!

Met a lot of fierces!

DJ Trouble Andrew!

so pwede syang pang all seasons! Summer na summer!

Charmy! My dancing partner!

And syempre nagutom na naman akitch. haha! Try Beso! Sarap dun!

With my anak anakan! 🙂

Tinalo ako sa pouting!

Cute concept! Nilagyan ng laces! Cute!

This is the same shoes the boys of extreme uses!

Ay baligtad.. gets nyo na yan! haha!

Girly wear!

Cute noh? I saw Tim wearing one recently and V wore his to laneway too!

If bet nyo sya meron sa ROX in high street!

Much love,