Nice and Eze

Nice! How I love the south of France!
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Find out my fave food spot!

Bongga kasi sa South of France you can drive from Nice all the way to St. Tropez

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This trip hindi kami naka ganap sa St Tropez, but what if you plan to do that. Rent a car then you can drive from Nice to St. Tropez, passing by Antibes, Cannes on the way!
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On the other side naman of Nice, you are just an hour away from Monaco and Eze.
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Sa Nice mismo, bongga na naman yung paandar!
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We stayed right smack in the center. Hindi ka naman masyado mawawala sa Nice coz parang all the hotels are in a row by the water. Then at the back is the city center.
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We were with Blake’s brother Jake!
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Actually, mabato yung beach nila. But dumog naman ng utash! 

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I love my short hair but kaka miss din yung long hair!
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May mga restos around so you can hang there and stay in their lounge beds. Or you can rent sun beds naman.
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I love SEAFOOD! SEEFOOD diet nga ako d ba? Everything I see, I eat. hahah! We had this fiesta in the city center. Dyan nagka alaman talaga na mas malakas pa ako kumain than Jake and Blake. hahaha!

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The day after we planned to do a day trip to Monaco. But since ang kupad namin gumalaw, we didn’t get to Monaco. We just had lunch nalang at Eze.
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Eze is a small town and super old. Ganda ng feel nya. Parang cliff cliff ganap.

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 photo IMG_6192_zpswq7lirdg.jpgThis is my 3rd time in Eze. Balik talaga ako ng balik. We ate in my fave Michelin resto Chateau Eza.
 photo IMG_6194_zpsyclqfmtb.jpgThey had a lunch tasting menu available so we had that.

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Try to walk around the place. Medyo extreme cardio lang para kang nag stair master.
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Cute din yung mga art!
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This is the view from Chateau Eza.
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