Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring on

Watch the VIDEO!

Who is Keith Haring?

No hindi sya Hari or ama ni Prinsipe K. choz!

He’s an artist and bongga talaga sya! Now, he will be collaborating with Nicolas Kirkwood!

Here are some of the celebrities in Keith Haring Inspired clothes!

What is printed! haha!

Sige lang rihanna, isayaw mo yan! Parang blend in ka na! 🙂

Lady like way of Keith Haring

So again… nagVOLT IN ang 2 great artist! Forte din pala nila ang ganap na VOLT IN NATIN!

Chika ni Kirkwood:

Kirkwood said, “I’ve grown up with Keith Haring’s work around me. It’s so ubiquitous, you saw it before you even knew it was art. The bold colors, defined shapes and edges––that aspect of it, to me, made it perfect for a shoe.”

More chika:

Having previewed the line at his first exclusive retail space in Hong Kong’s JOYCE in September 2010, the designer is exhibiting the collection in its entirety at his new London boutique until July 1. The architectural offerings, which also include heels emblazoned with the artist’s “Radiant Baby” and “Safe Sex” renderings, mark the latest in a string of collaborations for the fashion world darling, who has joined forces with the likes of Erdem and Rodarte outside of his own namesake line.”

So I’m sure after this post.. marami na naman manghaharass kay Kristine of Http://


I have a couple of Nicolas Kirkwoods and love ko talaga sila. Comfy and cute! I was actually there for the launch in HK where Milan and I begged a sales lady to sell us the show piece. Yes, believe it or not… may matching fake tears si Milan.

So check it out here! I like the 2nd shoe on top and last shoe!

Forte ko din toh but hindi ko naman gagamitin. But hello, ang center piece ko nga sa balur sapatos so for sure may paglalagyan toh sa balur. Haha!

This is wearable 🙂


I’m so excited to see this up close! I don’t know if gaano sya kamahal so malaman hindi ko sya getsung kung parang may ginto ang presyo nya. But for women, baka pwede yo rin gawin centerpiece like mine. haha!

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