A few years ago, suki ako sa Bora for NYE. But 3 years ago, i got food poisoning and nakadextrose ako for NYE. Na-phobia ata ako! haha!

Same as last year, i texted friends to join me for NYE because most of my siblings and family were in Bora. So VOLT-IN!

I really enjoy new year’s eve because for some reason iba ang energy ng tao. I guess fresh start for everything and new goals. SO everyone’s quite excited.

The republiq countdown was fun! Midnight and first second of 2012 I was with MIA of 899, Slick Rick, Milan, and V! Good friends!

Slick, Mars, Mia, Me and Milly. Look at Mars, kabado yan pag new year! haha! I like staying indoors pagNew year… oo na! Duwag ako! Haha!

D + V

Ok here’s a sample… This dress is actually long. Years ago pa toh na collection ni Rhett Eala. Nagproject runway levels na naman akitch sa bahay and ever reliable manang tucked it to be a petticoat dress!

This is similar to the original dress!

Look at what we did! I lovet!

Kermit was supposed to do my NYE dress but best in busy kami so I just shopped my closet! I love doing that! Parang nagkaka 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc resurrection yung mga damit!



Sabi ko sa inyo, ayaw samin ni DJ MARS!

Dale, Matt and Jake! Hoy Jake, pose ko yan!

Ok bihira lang toh… My sister also stayed behind! This is Danes, my lil sister. OO, tisay sya. haha!

D talaga kami magkamukha noh? haha!



I love Iza! Marami kaming chika nito, paano ba naman since Highschool magkakilala na kami! 🙂

Danes and her friend Claiza 🙂

Finally! NYE with Bianca! We promised ourselves to spend more time this year 🙂 Puro bbm and tweet nalang kasi! 🙂

BLOCKBUSTER HIT! Daming utash!

JIGS! Oh yeah, watch pala fashbook tonight! 10pm, i guested sa show nila Sos and Jigs 🙂

With my bestie Florence 🙂

It’s so cute kasi Flo’s lil sisters barkada din ng sister ko! FUN! All in the family!


camera lang toh Jigs. choz! GULAT LOOK! haha!

Danes with Flo’s sister the cupcake genius! OLIVE! Visit http://allcakedup.multiply.com

Masikip na sa table, umakyat na kami ni Flo! haha!

We are missing one highschool bestie.. si Wyanet! Ok lang, excused sya kasi buntis. haha! I think she had fun last year, nagtatanong samin during our pre-NYE dinner if pwede ba daw sa republiq ang buntis. KALOWKA! ASA KA PA NA PAYAGAN KA NAMIN!

The VOYS!!

HOT MO ISA! Pwede kang igisa! 🙂

They are all sisters! The CHANS!


Kit is also in town!

B and Iza!


I love et! Anna got this Versace dress from Kristine Chan our buyer! check her site and order stuff from her!. http://shophk.tumblr.com

Cristalle followed!

D + V

Dumating na ang kambal kong si IC MenDYOSA! Laureen was there too!


The vlaggers Lau and Nicole!

Hope you guys enjoyed your NYE celebrations!

Kalimutan na ang Nega at maging Mega nalang. Kalimutan na ang chaka at maging Pakak nalang. And of course make 2012 your positivity year! Andito lang ako, tulungan tayo! 🙂

Much love,