Yes, super late na ako… But catching up! Here you go!

The winner of this:

Since dalwa nga yung prze for this month.

1. Fierce follower winner wins the camera and it goes to!

Dahil ineffort nyang lagyan ng architectural chuchu ang buhok!

For the goodies winner naman

I am a Nurse:) Being a nurse is very rewarding job because I know I am making difference in someone’s life:)

I chose a simple answer because ramdam ko yung sincerity nya sa trabaho. And so many times na nurses and talagang nagbibigay sakin ng comfort when a family member or ako mismo, may sakit. So tribute to the nurses 🙂

To claim your prizes, please email and put sa subject NIKON OCTOBER FIERCE!

COngrats and good luck sa other contests! I will be announcing the Sexy solutions in a bit and the November fierce prize!

Much love,