PAC Cosmetics Review!

PAC is a pro makeup line. So yung mga issue nyo sa pigments waley! What I love about this line is kahit pro sya, madali gamitin!
You can check out their site for more ganap!
PAC Foundation Range Includes:
PAC Liquid Foundation ( P699)
PAC Creamy Foundation (P750)
PAC Two Way Cake (P849 compact, P649 refill)
PAC Loose Powder (P699)

Eto, ang maganda dito. FULL COVERAGE! Tago ang sumpa!
 photo 1_zps6c482e9f.jpg
 photo 2_zps98e080ea.jpg

Eto naman para sa mga tamad ng magliquid and powder… creamy ganap!
 photo 3_zpsca661e45.jpgBlush On

PAC Blush On comes in a palette with 8 shades (P 2,999),
in single compact (P 699) and refill (P 375).

Eto yung tinatawag na powerful… konti lang but effect kagad! So if first time nyo do it in a well lighted room, mahirap nang maging boyoyong!
 photo 4_zps6c4339a5.jpg

PAC Eye Make Up Collection Includes:
PAC Color Festival Eye shadow quad (P749)
PAC Matte and Pearly Eye shadow refill (P375)
PAC Colorful Liquid Eye Liner (P749)
PAC Eye Shadow Pencil Duo (P650)
PAC White Eye Liner Pencil (599)
PAC Make Up Pencil (P599)
PAC Eye Brow Pencil (P599)
PAC Mascara Black (P699)
PAC Eye Shadow Powder (P499)
I’m more for the nudes and earth tones. Marami sila nun. Since heavily pigmented, maganda sya at mabilis apply!
 photo 5_zps549084eb.jpg
Use with caution! Medyo tricky itey so make sure may time ka magbura if needed!
 photo 6_zps97a29848.jpg
 photo 7_zps627a2022.jpgGo to liner ko yung silver diva for under lid. Kasi nakakalaki ng mata.
 photo 8_zpsd03cb5c7.jpg
 photo 9_zpsc42e9810.jpg
 photo 10_zps91dfa3db.jpg

PAC Lip Colour Collection Includes:
PAC Glossy Lipsticks (P599)
PAC Matte Lipsticks (599)
PAC Frosty Lipsticks (P599)
PAC Liquid Lip Colors (P599)
PAC Lip Liners (P550)
PAC Lip Colour Palettes (P1,299)
Actually wala akong photo but my fave is yung lipsticks sa tube. Its thickier than lipgloss but moisturises really well!
 photo 11_zps9b44dbf4.jpg
 photo 12_zps0c74bc3f.jpg
 photo 13_zps0d42c4f3.jpg

PAC Professional Palette Collection Includes:
PAC Beauty Kit (P5,999)
PAC Face Coloring Powder (P1,999)
PAC Face Painting Set (4,999)
PAC 48 Color Eye Shadow Palette (P 6,999)
PAC Urban Techno – Professional Make Up Case (P26,000)
PAC Eye Shadow Palette – Matte (P2,999)
PAC Eye Shadow Palette – Pearly (P2,999)
PAC Blush – On Palette (P2,999)
PAC Lip Colour Palettes (P1,299)
 photo 14_zps86f8ca4d.gif
 photo 15_zpsa1237ed6.jpg
 photo 16_zpsba1fb39d.gif
 photo 17_zps61107a49.jpg
 photo 18_zps31f87e42.jpg
 photo 19_zps21341cba.jpg
 photo 20_zpscf3d8d27.jpg
 photo 21_zps3f0bc1e6.jpg
 photo 22_zpsf39164bb.jpg
 photo 23_zps0db13aa8.gif
 photo 24_zps972d2c6a.jpg
 photo 25_zps6899e758.jpg

For this one, get the multipack na powder or foundation pag mahilig ka maghighlight but gusto mo hindi naman BEAUCON levels. The lip palette I also use for taping rather than bringing 6 tubes, ayan madali sa bag! But pag gusto nyo maging full ganap artist. You can buy their started set!
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