Long day! But super fun-filled! Last stop before dinner was Peter and Paul Fortress.

The sun was out so bongga na naman ang mood ko! So literally, we were jumping, dancing, and skipping our way inside the place. Sayang wit nagvideo. Lumabas ang pagkagirl namin ni Nixy. Actually, dalawa lang kaming talon ng talon..pinagtatawanan lang kami ng iba! haha!

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In the middle of the fortress is a cathedral. There in the cathedral you would see the tombs of Russian Emperors and Empresses. They also have a room separate from the main hall dedicated to the ROMANOVS who were murdered.

A bit about the Romanovs since tapos na tayo sa Yusopovs.

So as sabi ko before very mala-teleserye ang kaganapan and very exciting. From what I researched and learned from our tour guide. The controversial last ROmanovs clan was Nicolas, Alexandria (his wife), his 4 daughters; Olga, Anastacia (yes, the Disney chuchu), Tatiana, Maria and his son Alexie. Si Alexie yung may sakit that’s why they seeked Rasputin’s help. Also other than that, they were starting to be unpopular kasi si Mudak (Alexandria) is medyo indecisive. Urong sulong sa decisions and medyo kaguluhan kausap causing people to lose faith in their capacity to rule. So anyways, nung kaguluhan na, they were arrested and put on house-arrest. Ang chika ng tourguide namin, may mga diaries daw ang kids about the life in house arrest. Nahirapan sila so kawawa yung mga bagets. Some were saved and were in the museum like yung mga cards ng bagets to their parents and drawings nila. On july 16, 1918, the Bolsheviks (Para yang group or party in Russia ng mga workers, who also came into power after the royal chuchus) told the family to go to the basement. Inuto pa nila na kunwari kodakan para mapakita sa madlang people na buhay pa lahat. Then after awhile they were shot dead. Binaril sila ng todong todo.

Dito na papasok ang report ng tumblr barkada natin ulit.

From Prinz_royal

hi if may i add a little trivia miss divine the czar has 4 daughters and 1 son namely the grand duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia and Alexei..Queen Elzabeth II’s grandfather King Goerge V is the czar’s first cousin…and to add more drama the grand duchesses died a brutal death since the bullets fired to them bounced dahil tinahi nila yung mga family jewels inside their corsets so while naghihingalo cla they had to be stabbed a few times pa and thrown to a pit plus grenades so sure na dead cla..thats all

After sila tineggy, their bodies were brought to the woods. So when time to find them na, 2 bodies were missing. Alexei and Anastasia. That’s why doon nagsimula yung Disney movie. The lola of Anastasia was able to escape and her tomb is also in this church but kawawa si Lola, she was waiting all her life for the return of her kids and family in another country. When she died, naghihintay parin sya.

So back to Anastasia and Alexie, sabi madaming nagsasabi sila yun but never din naman na prove. But who knows, maybe they did escape. But according to their history books, the two bodies were found nearby years after. But malay natin, marami talagang haka-haka na the 2 bodies escaped minsan pa that the whole family escape.

Tidbits from our tumblr barkada from my previous post.

About Anastasia from PRINZ_ROYAL

yup she died but few years later a lady surfaced by the name of anna anderson and claimed that she’s the grand duchess anastasia, some of the relatives who survived believed that it was her but others questioned her identity since she cannot recall relevant information known only to the family, so she was not recognized, she went to the states and get married and died a bitter woman in the early 1980’s still claiming that she is the czar’s daughter till the end…but later it was proved that she was not grand duchess Anastasia when some DNA samples were taken and tested from the bones of the royal family recovered in Russia as well as DNA from surviving relatives like the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and it was revealed that she was a fake..

From a GUEST

Hi Divine,

This may be worth a look: http://home.earthlink.net/~alexofdenmark/index.html

In my opinion, it’s not impossible that the Romanovs escaped the alleged murder. Lies, conspiracies, and corruption are just some of the expertise of the royals. What’s one lie that would save your ass?

Grabe noh? So many secrets and controversy. I’m researching books nga now. Looking for memoirs and sagas. I also browsed through the history books but too straight kasi eh. I wanted something more personal. I remember my history teacher before told me nung umaalma ako about a subject that HISTORY books try to be factual when in deed “HIS” Story always depends on who’s telling the story. SO it’s nice talaga to find a good diary or boigraphy. Most are in Russian eh so I’m checking pa which one ang bongga with English transalation or bongga na english novel about this.

The church outside

Catherine’s tomb

Romanovs Tomb. Sabi ni Bonggang Olga na may bangs (tour guide namin), maliit nalang daw since konti nalang nahanap ng buto buto. The things on the walls had their names.

Naubusan ako ng battery sa camera. Haha! Yun lang meron. Haha!




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