Pregnancy 101: The Real Preggo List

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Lets do this! So while I’m doing the Wedding timeline, salitan natin ng preggo list. Para naman more more ang matulungan.

Honestly, being preggo ang daming bago. Sabi ko nga sa friends ko, first time ko pumasok ng store na clueless ako. Ilan sterilizer options ba meron? Ilang bote ba talaga kailangan ng bagets? Ilang damit? So lets all answer that as I go along. Gawin nyo na akong tester. Haha!

D naman ako perfect (mukha lang.. choz!) so don’t expect that all the answers I will give are 100 percent fit for you. Eto lang naman yung mga accepted ko and I applied to my self. Use it as a guide.


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Here’s my little one saying hi!

They said nothing can ever prepare you for motherhood. I agree, pero I’d like to be as knowledgable as possible in entering the situation. Parang sa date yan, girl… bago ako pumunta sa dinner pati ata fave color, suking tindahan, SSS ng nanay nya, Crush ng great grand lolo nya na research ko na. D ako pang blind date, teh. #WaisSiDivy

So here’s what I’m gonna do for you. I will make a downloadable list. Para as I go along, I will tell you what you really need to buy. In my journey, I’ll be honest with what worked or not. Girl, mahal kaya mag buntis. Aminin ko na yung totoo para d na kayo gumastos.


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So here we go. I will upload a list here of what you guys need to buy and what you can skip. I’m on my 5th month. I will also update you on certain milestones as I go thru this.

OK here we go.

DO NOT BUY ANY BABY THINGS UNTIL AFTER YOUR BABY SHOWER/GENDER REVEAL. I am guilty of not following this. But please follow because baka mag double. People would love to gift you, especially mothers because they know how financially straining it is to have a kid.

  1. I don’t suggest buying Maternity clothes: I’m only on my 5th month, but so far kaya using dresses and loose tops. For my bottom i use a belly band (this I recommend, will add on the list) or you can even use an old tube top for this. Source:
  2. Creams! I will make a different post for this but yes! Start the minute your 2nd trimester start. Thats just for safety, but you can start using it naman earlier (like me). Do it twice or thrice a day. I’m so keen about this because honestly, I’m seen friends na nag let go.. medyo nag sisi sila after. I saw friends who really monitored their weight gain and skin sa tummy, they feel better. As they say stretch marks are genetics and hereditary, but honestly, if you know you did everything… medyo walang pag sisi. Watch out for my update on this. Important note, the creams we will be using should be approved for preggos. Will blog that list next time.
  3. Use the rubber band hack while still small. Check how to extend your jeans life.
  4. Invest in skincare and makeup that you can use. I will blog this also up next. Eto lang ha, being honest… pregnancy can make you feel ugly. Syempre lumalaki ka, hormones mo pa, so better that you also take care of yourself. Vain na kung vain, but d ko na feel pumangit ako (baka hindi pa.. hahaha) coz I always make sure to make an extra effort to make myself feel good. Sabi nga ni Blake, mas madalas pa ako mag ayos nang nabuntis.
  5. Baby plus. Ok this one is suggest to borrow, its a bit pricey. But I’ve been hearing nice reviews. You can start using this for baby when baby turns 18 weeks. Daily yan 1 hour, 2x a day. This is optional but of course mommies always want the best for babies. I got mine in Rustan’s. I checked all the forums, called my mommy friends and so far good reviews. This is their site if you want to check :

So far yan muna, I’ll do specifics as we go along with blogs. Also here’s the downloadable TO DO list. Click this or the link below.


Much love,