The day after I saw his movie, Tinext ko na lahat ng tao to get me passes. Sabi ko lahat pwede kong gawin…. tumuloy sa alambre, kumain nang apoy, mag OCHO-OCHO buong EDSA at kung ano pang maisip nila kakayanin ko.

One person who didn’t laugh at my request (siguro alam nya seryoso ako) was Timmy my love. He told me “I promise you I’ll find a way if you really want it”. Actually sigurista ako, I would have messaged more people pa, but Tim giving his word… Sure deal na yun. Ganyan kami sa pagkakaibigan, kahit anong tumbling gagawin. Hindi naman namin kasi inaabuso but medyo big big FAVOR talaga toh.

A few days before, Timmy said I have a surprise for you. OOO MMM GGGG! Tatalon na dapat ako sa overpass sa saya, pero baka naman assuming lang ako noh. Haha!So I kept my cool and waited for his text. Sobrang binitin nya ako kasi he told me the day before! He said “meet me 2:30 sharp. You will be with Saab. I quickly contacted Saab and nagplano na kami ng attaack. Believe it or not, I googled all the possible ways to MOA in case may traffic. As in ALL THE POSSIBLE WAYS! haha! Yeah, ganun ako kasigurista. Our meeting time was 2:30pm but Saab and I were so excited that we met in my house at 12noon. We had lunch while harrassing V to play all Justin Bieber. I also have to commend V, iniwan ko talaga mga inaanak ko and bro nyo sa kanya, sabi ko kita kits nalang mamaya. Kaw na muna bahala. haha! Thank God pinagbigyan nya ako. Milan also became super yayo because the kids came early.

By 1pm, super kinukulit na namin si Tim that he made us go to his fitting. We got to Michelle Sison’s shop and from there we rode in Tim’s car and ilang segundo nalang Bieber time na!

Check out our photos from the presscon…

When we got to the registration, I got my ID! Yes! This is my second article for Supreme (my first was the ONDOY article) so I’m very excited! I don’t think I’m a great writer but I write as how I would make kwento, so people who knows me would always say parang they can hear my voice talking while reading my articles and posts. Please abangan nyo ha! 🙂

It was still kinda quiet when we got there put i saw a lot of Bieber fans waiting. Some were asking if I can get them in. Nakaawa but the staff were strict din for Justin’s security

Press peeps

Ako lang ang press na naka ORANGE and SEQUINS! Baka naman isipin ni Bieber na hindi ako naghanda for his arrival if hindi ako TUMODO! haha!

My fairy Godfather. He made us 2 less lonely girls. hahaha!

From MOA Imax lobby we went to the backstage of J Biebs! OMG! Saw on twitter he landed na!

Tent set-up for the presscon

Camera crew on TV5

Justin’s stage! Grabe, gusto kong umakyat at kumanta! Eh baka umulan so pass nalang!

This is how the inside looks.

Mo and Shawn was our hosts for that event.

Our waiting took longer than expected. Pero deadma, kahit the next day or next linggo pa hihintayin ko sya. Here’s Kenny apologizing for the delay. Justin’s clothes came in late daw so he was currently dressing up.


He looks taller than I would have expected. GOSH! Mahal ko na sya! (Peace V)

He was so cute because I knew it was hard from him. Straight from the airport, walang pahinga. But go parin. Thank you for the effort!



He answered some questions. I was able to video and document the whole presscon so I won’t spoil that for you. Instead, I will upload in our next posts!



I love his shorts. Isa nakatupi isa hindi. CUTE CUTE!

He would always look at Kenny before answering funny questions.

Ayan, full body shot! baka umangal kayo eh! haha!

May wide shot pa!

ONE OF OUR EYE CONTACTTTTSSSS! Napatili ako! Saab and I must be the loudest there! And it’s so funny coz right after the eye contact….

I saw Kenny laughing at me! Siguro sa isip nya, jusko toh oh. Eye contact lang, mahihimatay na.

The presscon was a good 20 minutes or so.

They awarded him something.. but sa excitement ko.. hindi ko narining. Haha!


Here we were… naghahanap ng hair ni Justin. Baka may natira. There was a wet spot. Saab was like… “laway nya kaya toh?” haha! Then Tim was like “Baka kay Mo kasi bandang right!”

His staff and group was so nice too!

Outside the backstage, we saw girls running after a black car. I think any black car na heavily tinted hahabulin ng Biliebers! I was telling them, wala sya dyan… But sige lang! So hinayaan ko nalang ang trip nila. haha!

They mobbed us too! Because they though Timmy was justin! Naka purple hoodie kasi, shades and blond! haha!

After the presscon, we went to Sofitel and look what surprised us!

SUNSET! I had fun bonding with Saab. The day was full of emotions na habang nagkwekwentuhan kami may iyakan postion pa naganap! haha! Yan ang girl bonding! I love you SAAB! I wouldn’t have picked any other to share this Justin Bieber experince! Pareho tayong exag sa pagka fan girl!

Timmy followed!

Perfect sunset before we left for the concert!

Will post more about JUSTIN!

Much love,