Do you really want to know how we choose my outfits? haha!

Halloween 2009. Night before halloween, didn’t have a concept or outfit. So while they hanging out in the house. They decided to play with BARBIE. BARBIE ng becky… yes, that’s me!

Outfit 1: As Angelina.. No, not Angelina Jolie. But the Angelina in YAYA and ANGELINA. KJ lang si Milan, refused to go as yaya. FAIL.

Outfit 2: WONDERWOMAN. But they said baka lamigin daw ako… So again… FAIL.

Outfit 3: MADONNA in LIKE A VIRGIN! Ok, I don’t think I can say no to MADONNA!


But this is not the surprise of the night. The main act was…

PATRICK and VEEJAY! Patrick came as Pam Quinones and Veejay came as Me!