I love Plains and Prints. I became their Brand Ambassador for their last collaboration with Pond’s and I loved the experience. Nagmaganda talaga ako when we shot in CENTRAL PARK, NYC! Feel na feel kong Giselle Bundchen ako. haha! Isipin nyo while we were shooting people were asking kung sino daw at anong kaguluhan. STATESIDE ETO NOH! Gusto ko talagang sumigaw… “You know Volta? That’s me” hahaha! And the owner of Plains and Prints is also super nice (guys, hindi ako sumisipsip..mabait talaga sya. Peksman!). Everytime I see her, no fail that she will devote a few minutes to talk to you no matter how busy she is.

So for their next campaign they invited my love RAJO LAUREL, I was so excited. I started posting the video’s here (kung hindi nyo napanood..huli kayo sa balita.) Rajo’s last collection for P&P was such a hit na yung buong opisina namin meron. I caught pa our girls in a thread na nagaabiso “hoy, wag mo suot yung Green mo bukas kasi susuot ko yung pink ko”. haha!

March 1 was the special launch of Raj’s second line for them. So of course, kailangan full force support ako! My day was quite full of meetings so medyo no time to curl and do make up. And when time is short, i go to the one fail muk-up plan. SMOKEY BLACK. 10 minutes lang ang make-up sabay ponytail! Will teach you guys the trick- mukha kayong umeyyfort pero wit!

So here’s what i wore to RAJO and P&P’s launch.

Pants: Rajo

Belts: Rajo

Leather sleeveless shirt with full mesh back: Rajo

Shoes: D nyo naman masight, care nyo pa ba? FINE! Jimmy Choo

Bag: Balenciaga (Yes, katas ng outlets again! 70% off!)

The event had a different concept- para syang tour na may interactive exhibit. Something new na naman! I love yang interactive chuchus na yan. Best in participation ako lagi.

The first part is the lounge. People wait here because the tour is done in groups. We were the 2nd group to do the tour.

Did I tell you guys that I’m close to production? When I was modelling full time, I would always hang out with production. Chikahan at tawanan lang. Actually, directors know na nga when they look for me- wit sa models area yan. Palaging kasama ng production (and mas-madaming rice yung production packed meals dati so prod food ang binibigay sakin pero sosyal na ngayon eh- BUFFET NA. So one to sawa rice na. Haha!)

So while waiting chinika ko narin sila. Sisingit dapat ako pero sinabihan akong wag makulet at hintayin ang tour. TARUSH! 🙂

Isha is so cute! Stylebible team all present! Didn’t get a picture of Jacques and didn’t get to talk to her much.I wanted to thank them for featuring Stef’s Oscars look. So here nalang. Best in excitement kasi akong pumasok! haha!

The start of the tour. Joey (girl, walang kupas talaga yang cheekbones mo!) welcomes the guests and starts the tour!

When they opened the door…bongga! LABYRINTH ang peg! There’s a maze chuchu and the first part shows people illustrating. I was really kulit that I even checked if may ink talaga yung pentel pen nila. Meron nga, talented talaga sila sa arts department! haha!

While you’re watching the illustrators, you will hear Rajo’s voice in the background..Yes, parang consensya sa safeguard commercial. Raj, sorry pero tawang tawa ako. Mukhang nagmodulate ka ng sobra dun teh! haha! But it’s nice to hear kasi parang sinisita ako ni Rajo in spirit na “DIVINE TUMAHIMIK KA AT MANOOD.”

Part of the tour and exhibit allows you to draw your own artwork. So sino pa ba ang best in participation? ME!

Very pinoy lang. Instead of drawing artwork (hindi naman ako talented dun noh), ginawa kong slumbook at nagdedication ako. haha! See my dedication na pagkalaki laki?

There’s also a screen in the first “room” Busy ako sa Bume-Ben Cab kong artwork kaya fail ako sa listening portion.

After doodling on the wall. Joey invited us to proceed to the next room. BONGGA! VERY HALIMAW SA BANGGA! The room was empty except for some black looking pots and one guy lying down.

I dunno if you guys know “Alms, Alms…spare me a piece of bread..” na favorite declamation piece nung bagets ako. I really thought tatayo yung guy at totodo sya sa declamation piece.

Ayan. Gets nyo na?

After a few minutes… he started dancing! I lovet! Akala ko hahabulin ako parang sa “Bahay ni Lola” in Payanig sa Pasig!” haha!

The concept of this room is about touching the material. So the guest were allowed to play (and dance kung forte nyo) with the fabric on those air-thingamajigys.

Next room is more on visuals. I enjoyed this room because it showed how the campaign was shot. GANDA MO RIA! Congrats!

After watching the video you then proceed to the main event room. There you will see the real live RIA modeling in the middle of stage.

I know Ria’s story and I have to say. I’m so proud of her. galing nito! Congrats again love!

The first thing I did was look for Rajo when I got inside. AYUN! He was quietly waiting for his turn sa ano mang ganap in the corner of the stage.

The minute he saw me. Hindi muna ako bineso, instead, inayos kagad yung outfit ko. See guys? that’s Rajo for you. THIS IS HIS NIGHT! HIS LAUNCH! Yet ang una nyang naisip when he saw me was mali ata yung paglagay ko ng belt and started fixing it. He did this for me so many times pero hanggang ngayon gulat ako on how thoughtful he is. Hindi sya nagpaka-star and on his night, iniisip nya parin ang ibang tao. And that includes me. I know it’s Rajo’s night as the BEST DESIGNER OF THE WORLD (sabi ko sa inyo d ba? blog ko toh. i can say WORLD kung bet ko. haha) but he consistently reminds you that he’s the bestEST friend a woman can have in the whole wide world (oh sobrang bongga ng description noh?)

I took a photo while he was fixing my dress. D nya knows. Siguro sa isip nya “no fail talaga tong si Divine. Mali na naman pagkasuot.” I once wore his dress backwards (I was thinking grabe naman sa cleavage toh! pero if Rajo thinks kaya ko..gow!), yun pala baliktad. haha! D ko na hinubad. Sabi ko confidence lang bumubuhay sakin d ba? haha!I just wore the dress again in another event…THE RIGHT WAY. haha! eh d bongga, nakadual outfit pa ako!

After the welcome speech fo Rajo… the girls rushed to the pop-up store! Ayan, ubusan I’m sure. When I saw Roxanne nga, I told her na I’m so sure ubus yan.

It’s so funny how parang survival of the fittest when it comes to girls and shopping. I saw a lady na nilagay yung chain ng bag nya sa neck so she can hold all her shopping! Easy lang girl! haha! Cute!

Here’s fierce Dong. I’m so sure kunwari lang pinipilian ako. Iniisip nya if keri nyang isuot.

The nice thing about Rajo is that he shares the stage. During his last gala, Rajo Red. He called all his sewers and manangs on stage. That was the best part of the show. We all know he’s the genius behind it all. But Rajo never ever fails to credit everyone.

So he did it again! He called everyone and thanked them. Kalowka noh? ang sweet. Hello Rajo, d ka ata napadalhan ng invitation. LAUNCH MO TOH! haha! 🙂

That’s why I love Raj….

D parin sya tapos! He called in his sister Venisse, thanked her and threw a bday surprise. Super sweet. He made the night everybody’s night.

Auto-pilot ang pout neto pag may camera! Love you Ria!

Carlos and Laureen (visit their blogs Kingdom of C and Break my style!)

The behind the scenes geniuses. Nixy, Mond and Vince

Tim, Rhett, Marc

Here are some photos I stole (haha!) from Visions.

Raj with me and Roxanne

D and Roxanne (thank you for giving our winner for march a P&P outfit!)

Mond and Carlos

The master behind the show…. ROBBY C!

See guys, may lesson dito eh. Kahit d nyo masight. The most successful people I know knows how to credit others. D sila madamot. They recognize hardwork of others and are extremey grateful and thankful. Rajo showed us this over and over again. I love you Raj and knowing you … crayola blues ka na naman. Buong buan ka tatawa at iiyak! haha!

Much love,