I love musicals! When we travel, i will skip a pair of shoes or a good resto to watch something bongga. For last year’s trips, V, Milly and I saw Mamma Mia, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera – I’ve seen these plays already but I wanted Milly to see it so I watched it again.

Sa kagalingan gumimik ni bading, nakatulog… SA LAHAT NG SHOWS! Inuna kasi ang booking gabi gabi. And it doesn’t end there… NAGHIHILIK PA ANG BAKLA! Akala siguro ng katabi namin may bakang umiiyak nakapasok sa loob ng theatre! Nasa point na ako na papapulis ko sya! Parang may nagjejet-ski sa tabi ko sa lakas ng hilik sumo-surround sound pa! haha!

In Manila, I haven’t had the time to really see plays. I heard Ateneo has a lot of good ones but when I’m in Manila kasi kayod kalabaw (saving up for upcoming trips). My day ends pretty late so I rarely get to catch the shows. The last one we saw was CATS of LEA SALONGA. Must see naman kasi talaga yun!

My friend Adrian invited us to see RENT last week. I haven’t seen RENT but I know JM played a very good role last time and knowing how talented JM RODRIGUEZ is, medyo mahirap yung expectations for this batch.

I super enjoyed the play but just a little surprised that the venue was small. I really hope people can start appreciating plays and musicals here the way they do in other countries. I don’t think they even have a daily run because there’s not enough numbers. Sayang, talented talaga ang pinoy. Heller guys, si Lea at Monique nga pinagkakaguluhan sa ibang bansa, we should appreciate our local talents.

I loved the whole play but I have to commend MIAN DIMACALI. I know the kid (ayan, intrigahin akong biased! choz!) but I have to say, d naman ako sinungaling at bongga talaga sya. Her part for me was the main highlight. It came to a point that she got the audience to participate. This girl is so talented! I really hope to see her in BROADWAY!

Please watch, paghindi kayo nagandahan..hindi kayo cool! haha! But honestly, do watch and help our theater industry. Bongga naman talaga sila. Kulang lang sa support. So instead of rampage budget, magdate nalang kayo sa play or musical. Sabihin pa ng ka-date nyo cultured kayo (better to read the play before hand para may bibo factor ka, don’t worry nung bata ako and starting to watch palang … d ako papaka-pretentious… d ko rin sya maintindihan! haha!)

Skirt: Charina Sarte

Top: Body suit (yes, underwear sya…haha!) Marks and Spencer

Shoes: YSL Tribtoos

Bag: Chanel


This is MIAN! She’s super good!

The play ended late so again.. Tom jones kami! So we ended up in the “pag wala nang bukas place” NEXT DOOR NORTH PARK! No fail ang lechon macau!

Much love,


Ps. Rent is only til March 6. Tell me your thoughts after seeing it!