Fierce kasi you’re here (bola time)

Happy bday miss Divine lee. Unang kita ko palang sayo, crush na kita. First time I saw you was when APL de ap spun at encore. Galing mo sumayaw . I asked my friends kung sino yung matangkad na laging kulot na magaling sumayaw but they didn’t know you back then. One night, tim yap mceed and he said “divine lee in the house”. So then on, I started following you on twitter and stuff. So everytime I go to the club, my friends and I stay near the vip area or the dj’s booth so that I can see you well. Haha : ) happy birthday again : ))

Much love: RON V.

P.S. I wish na makasayaw kita kahit Shembot pa tugtog : P

D: haha! sabi ko d ako snabera d ba? Sorry for the late post! Mga teh, d porket na sa fecture ako mananalo kayo! hahaha! Had fun having a photo with you that night! Alala ko pa yan 🙂

Much love,