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If you turned back the clock 5 years, you’d see me rushing from one place to another, barely sleeping or working out, with fast food as my daily diet. Fast forward to the present and it’s the complete opposite. I now workout regularly, eat healthier, and ensure I get 8 hours of sleep everyday. I realized that, as I age, I need to make lifestyle choices that can make me look, feel, and even perform better. With these changes, I feel like I’ve become sharper, faster, and therefore, can accomplish more, like being able to finish my MBA.

Now, I value things that are good for me. I don't abuse my body and it’s rewarded me greatly. Kaya bet na bet ko all things natural. I no longer go for quick fixes that don't last. Instead, I go the healthy and natural route.

It’s not as hard as you may think. There are many natural remedies that you can find at home and small changes you can do in your daily routine to help you go natural.

As much as I can, I try not to rely on medicine unless needed. When feeling sluggish, I do water therapy and load up on fruits and veggies. I use natural solutions to relieve me of my basic irks.

Salt is life.

One of my favorite natural remedies is SALT. Kung wala kayong mahanap na salt bae sa love life, salt remedies na lang muna tayo!

Salt is one of my faves! For my hair,

I use a homemade sea salt spray. You can add salt to a water spritzer.

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Ta-dah! Instant hair volumizer!

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I usually use this to lift the roots of my hair and achieve wavy beach hair even if I’m in the city.

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For your skin, you can mix your body wash with salt as an exfoliating scrub. Use it once a week! I make it part of my Sunday regimen. For stubborn and dry patches, you can mix salt with your favorite oil and massage onto those areas.

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Last but not the least, for good oral health, I use a salt gargle whenever I have a sore throat or mouth sores. It really works!

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See? Going the natural route is quite easy and there are so many products we can make on our own just using basic kitchen salt! The benefits are numerous and these products won’t break the bank!

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Sabi nga nila ang buhay, marathon... hindi sprint! So, it’s up to us to make not just the right choice, but the natural choice everyday!

Much love,