WIN 2( yes two!) SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2! Ang daming 2!

Here’s the background story.

This cute 14 years old wrote this to me:

I don’t actually know you personally, and maybe you heard of me or not yet, but I’m always been a big fan of yours. I love your blog ( a lot. I got hooked up to it, because of the amazing styles plus the becky words in it, which never gets me bored, your just the rightful one for the throne as the Mother Becky. So to the Mother Becky, this one’s for you.



Dear Ms. Divine


  I am Aaron Castro, an aspiring blogger (, and one of your fiercest follower. 🙂 I  have always love your blog, your mix-matching style, and especially your becky words, which is just so ah-mazing. I always wanted to have your magic, your magic of turning your every outfit into one sophisticated and ah-dorable outfit and your magic of making everyone who reads your post smile right after reading it. So I hope maybe we could meet someday, so that you could be able to share with me some of the things I needed to do, to become a better blogger. 🙂



Your one of my biggest inspiration in life 🙂


Fierce and Love,

Aaron C. 


And then, with a bit of research.. i found out that this kid was bullied and even trended because people actually tweeted about him – laughing at his site. He trended pa number 4. I dunno how to really feel about it, trending is good, but he trended coz he was bullied? This kid really needs a break and I wanted to personally meet and hug him. Ayan, bet ko na naman maging mother becky.


So Samsung has this ganap.. so perfect si AARON! This is what happened


cute d ba? I love this kid! Nakakaliw sya! Medyo mahiyain pa nga at first but he’s soo game! And honestly, to those who bullied him…. he’s such a sweetie. He doesn’t deserve it and at least sa pagbubully nyo.. nakagetching pa sya ng SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2 and photoshoot! So God finds ways talaga, at big evidence si Aaron. 

But there’s more ganap! Aside from Aaron… we are giving away more SAMSUNG GALAXY TABS 2!

Since gusto ko ma-feel nyo naman yung nafeel kong joy in meeting Aaron. We want you to play Victor/Divine to a friend! And bonus pa na hindi lang sya ang magkakaron ng SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2… pati ikaw! 🙂


So here’s how to join!


1. Go to the FB application LIFE IS BETTER WITH YOU


2. Join and tell us how  your friend’s life will be better with a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB.


3a. Tweet to me (@divinemlee) “Just joined #lifegetsbetter coz i wanna win two #galaxyTAB2 thru “




3b. You can also go to my FB page and look for the status #Galaxypad2 then put under comments this “Just joined #lifegetsbetter coz i wanna win two #galaxyTAB2 thru” and post mo din sa status mo 🙂


4. Then wait for my announcement! AYUN NA! Galingan nyo!




Much love,