Ok, best in fail in taking photos of myself.. my photographer este V wasn’t with me although he got so jealous that next time daw, sasama sya.

I’m sure you all heard it on twitter, but I’m here to tell you of my personal experience.

Cristalle and Vicky just opened a new “division” of their growing empire called Sexy Solutions! Trust me, solution talaga sya!

Honestly, my waist ranges from 24 to 25 inches. I was about 23 in highschool and college but I guess age will affect you one way or another. I’m ok naman with it but hulaze lang ako because I am sooo lazy when it comes to working out. So it may be flat but it’s not that firm. Parang baby skin ang drama nya. Gusto ko yung surfboard levels but too lazy to work out.

I tried out so many things na, RF etc, the problem is I’m very impatient. Hindi ko keri yung matagal na hintayan. Naiinip ako. hahaha!

So here’s the difference when you go to Sexy Solutions, they just don’t run those NON-INVASIVE machines on you. They give you a full program. Unlike some treatment centers, they offer single machine services. This one full program toh, because each body is different.

When you enter they will measure you before and after the treatment. So in short, you see the difference right away! I even measured they day after (which is today) and I kept my almost 2 inches off talaga. So bongga, hindi lang sya water retention!

So for me they did LIPO CAVITATION and MULTI FIRM for the first session. I will be doing TITE FX next week!

This is the LIPO CAVITATION MACHINE. I used this on my abs. Para sa best in takot like me, it doesn’t hurt at all!

Here is the “plate” that will use on your problem area. Doesn’t hurt, may maririnig kalang parang kuliglig. The whole process took me about 2 hours- but kasi naman best in chika din ako. I think 30 minutes dun chikahan.

Right after, they used naman MULTI-FIRM to tighten my abs area. Ok, some people may have low tolerance to heat.. NOT ME. Nakatulog ako. I actually thought it was sooo relaxing!

I also did Multi firm on my arms 🙂 Borlogs padin akitch! hahaha!

Ok, this is the only photo I have of myself. But I’m so happy to be back in my HS waistline! Washboard abs again! Very bagets! May abs pa!

When we measured i lost about 2 inches total! I heard some friends lost more, meron ako mapakingan first trial almost 5 inches!

The nice thing I like about it to is that the whole place is so private. I went to the Fort Bonifacio branch. Only have 2 rooms so hindi kayo matatakot madaming tao na makabangga. haha! choz! And everyone is so nice!

The whole idea is a personalized system and program. If you get the whole program, they will even give you a diet plan and trust me I saw it. Hidni sya GUTOM levels! MAY KANIN! haha!

They can also provide a FOOD SUPPLIER, who can deliver your daily meals. The programs vary per person, but usually you can get the 14 days food delivery just so you know how to go about it after. After 14 days masasanay ka na din. 🙂

Aside from that, they even made a list of restos in Manila, and what you can order! bongga nito! And sobrang personalized na you can actually call and talk to your consultant if may tanong ka about what to eat and all.

I would personally bet on this. The problem with other systems and procedures kasi it’s not tailorfit. Or sometimes, habits narin natin hindi naman talaga natin alam yung ginagawa natin. Here everything is tailor fit and parang on-call pa yung service. From nutrition to procedure, it’s made for you!

Hurry and inquire now because from OCTOBER TO DECEMBER.. they are giving a 35% discount on all packages!

Check out their website:


call 810-SEXY

Visit their branches:

1) 912 Medical Plaze Bldg, Amorsolo cor. Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village Makati


2) Unit 23 Ground floor South of the Market Residences, 26th Cor. 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global city, Taguig


Cristalle and Vicky are the sweetest. Their business is not just about beauty but about empowerment. I have seen them improve so much lives thru their business and craft. May isa akong friend who used to be so insecure about everything and shy because medyo acne prone sya. He went to Vicky.. now best in chika na sya!

So I know this new endeavor will also help so much people and they are starting here!

So Cristalle, Vicky and Sexy Solutions have something for you guys!


How to join:

1) You have to go to the clinic so make sure taga dito kayo. haha!

2) In the comments area of this post, ANSWER THIS QUESTION

– I need a sexy solution for my (problem area here) because gusto ko maging fierce! Promise pag fierce na ako it will help me (your answer here).

ex. I need a sexy solution for my TUMMY because gusto ko maging fierce! Promise pag fierce na ako it will help me with me confidence and make rampa to do good deeds sa mundo! GOW!

And then put your name and email. So i know how to contact you guys!

3) Follow them on twitter @sexysolutions and tweet them ” I need a sexy solution to be fierce!”

4) Like their page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sexy-Solutions/

5) go to my FB page http://www.facebook.com/divinemleepage and look for the comment “looking for a SEXY SOLUTION” and put “I found the sexy solution to fierceness”

6) I will announce winner on OCT. 20! Cristalle will pick so galingan nyo sumagot!


Much love,