Remember that day I told you guys I was making a surprise for someone? Eto yun 🙂

Super kaduper may sakit ako nun, at d ako nagiinarte. But I can’t cancel because I really wanted WYA and DIMA to have their surprise video.

It’s one of those days na, lahat ng maling pwedeng mangyari, nangyari. But as I always told you guys, It’s how you deal with the situation that matters.

First booboo: We can’t seem to make everyone’s schedule meet. Finally we picked a workday kasi wala ng choice. So right away marami nang d nakapunta. (well, wala naman tayong magagawa so make do with what we have. kung sino ang present gow! kahit 2 lang kaming matira sa video! haha)

Second booboo: We lost our lines and lyrics. Obvious sa video hindi practisado ang marami because since a lot of people didn’t make it… we had to do the whole song per person! (Keri na, 3 mins lang naman per song and deadma if mali ang lyrics..lipsync naman eh)

Third booboo: we lost the original location which was Robot because they had an event the same day! TIM as life saver, pinabuksan ang Republiq! thank you PAM SOLILAPSI!

fourth booboo: may sakit ako. A lot of the scenes I had to sit down na. Pero sa scenes na kasama ako. Tinodo ko naman noh!

Fifth booboo: Naginarte ang bride! D naman alam pano kami tatakasan that day! Maybe she did feel a bit weird that wala syang friends that day.

Pero, POSITIVITY WON AGAIN! Yun ang important talaga 🙂 We did it!


The venue: Afternoon at Republiq

The Cast:

Florence Chan : MAID OF HONOR, Bride’s friend since middle school

DIVINE LEE- MAID OF HONOR, Bride’s friend since middle school

FAYINNA ZARAGOZA- Bride’s sister and secondary sponsor. SYA NA DAW ANG NEW QUEEN OF THE HOUSE (sabi nya sa speech nya) since nagasawa na si WYANET.

ALTA LYTTLE – Secondary sponsor and Bride’s schoolmate since highschool. Eto ang kasama sa Kilay killers group ko. haha!

TBRAM CUYUGAN- Boy bestie naming lahat. Eto d ko alam san namin pinulot…bwahahha!

INO CALUZA- Owner of Viktor jeans, Epal that day. Kunwaring hindi nya feel, pagtapat ng camera, todo bigay naman!

David Milan: EWAN. Gwapo daw nya dito

THERESA ORTIZ: Entourage, and Bride’s friend since highschool. She was the first one in the video, TINAAS NYA LANG ANG ENERGY!

BAMBI HERNANDEZ: Our consultant for decors sa wedding. She helped us with the theme and all

TIM YAP- The host for the wedding and a close friend of the couple.

MERLA- She was assigned to be a roving bartender for the reception. Ang role nya is manlasing! GOOD WORK EM!

V + D: Yaya and Yayo ng groom and bride. V helped the groom who had too much fun. And we stayed and babysat the couple on their wedding night! haha! It was our pleasure..may pang black mail na kami 🙂 jk 🙂

V: The bride knew him every since he was small because her ate and his ate were magkabarkada. I told you our whole barkada is intertwined.

Scenes from the shoot!

UNDIN! SHokkot!

JK! I love you Tbs! He lives with me, Milan and V.

Mahiyain daw sya

May sakit pa ako nyan…

D napigilan ng girls when they saw Machete having a meeting with Tim.

I LOVE THIS PARTING SHOT! Very Micheal Jackson!

Much love,