Full speed! Wala nang pahinga from the mall we only had a few hours to freshen up for the dinner. But since galing kaming early early flight ni V… we stayed in nalang for dinner and habol nalang sa inuman. haha!

I didn’t take photos for the dinner place since private residence yun. Bongga sya penthouse then may pool! Yes sa unit nya! BONGGELS! But anyways, paglabas we saw the funniest version of ourselves!

Ruffie hired a party bus to bring us to LANTERN. Kalowka 45 seater..napuno namin!

Perfect ang glow in the dark polish ko sa lighting!

D + V

The shopping trio who will gladly skip meals, sightseeing , at ano ano pa for shopping!

Group photo in FULLERTON BAY HOTEL lobby. Halatng pinoy! hahaha!

Hanggang elevator hindi kami nagpaawat!

I LOVE THE VIEW! For people planning to have drinks. Go to LANTERN BAR in FULLERTON BAY HOTEL. Roofdeck sya (obvious ba? choz!)

Oh d ba? parang may enrgy chuchu form my head!

D + V

This was our 2nd stop for the night 🙂

Another reason why I went to SIngapore is to visit a super good friend……HULAAN NYO 🙂

KARYLLE! She’s there for 4 months! Hope to visit her again soon! I miss her so much! Buti nga napilit ko lumabas!

Rico and V

GROUP SHOT! K, JM, Christian, Rose Marie and Garlic

Off to our next stop! Major chikahan with K!

Next stop was KUDETA at MARINA. Bonggels nya because eto yung parang flying saucer sa top ng Marina Bay. You can see the nice view of the city from this club!

Me with the bday gurl!

K joined us for a bit but she had to leave early kasi may work pa sya


Believe it or not, I met a lot of fierce followers that night! YES! Hanggang Singapore ang barkada natin! Para tayong Gremlin. chozness!

But really thank you! Naaliw ako sa inyo. Nagshots pa kami. Too bad hindi pa natag sa fezbook ko photos. D ko tuloy mapost ditich. HOY PARAMDAM KAYO! hahhaa! choz!

I like Singapore night scene but my biggest prob is… ANG INIT! haha! D nila feel ang aircon ata at puro overlooking ang ganap. hahaha!

One more last post for Sing!

Much love,